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Q:Sony DV connector to Mac fire wire?
dv connector is also firewire. Sony does not use the term firewire because that is a trademark term owned by Apple, and no camcorder manufactures can use that name with out paying a royalty. So Sony calls it DV instead. all you need to make this work is a cable that has the Mac 9 pin firewire connector on one end and either a 4 pin or 6 pin DV connector on the other side.
Q:are there any aftermarket speakers tha have a stock connector?
There may be adapters, but a simple splice might be more economical and easier.
Q:What connectors do i need for my Radeon HD 5870?
In okorder
Q:Does the Asus P5LP-LE support AC 97 or HD audio because neither of my front panel connectors work?
How about just download the preferred driver for it on ASUS's site? That would be more preferred way to have the proper driver for it also you might need to see if the front panel are connected on the board. Because it might not yet been connected.
Q:Can connect a 20 pin power supply to a 24 pin Mobo connector?
Get 20 to 24 pin adapter.
Q:Does my PSU have enough pin connectors for HD 5850?
That PSU is not going to handle very well a HD5850. its going to work but depending on the rest of your system its going to be at the limit.
Q:Fan connector question?
anybody is right your MB has 2 fan connectors, the reason being that the BIOS will visual demonstrate unit your CPU and equipment Fan's RPM speed for minimum and Max threshold, in case you enable the alarm for low speed on the two fan the device ought to close down or supply you a warning via employing utility that the device is in situation. Your ultimate guess is to plug your case followers in direct on your powersupply via employing a Y connector
Q:Hard drive connectors .?
1. the dv9 takes 2.5'' SATA hard drives in a special caddy. 2. the CQ60 will have the same type of drive, but not the caddy. 3. without the caddy you are likely to damage the connectors. 4. you can get the caddy off e,bay - see link . 5. SATA drive connections are fairly delicate, so take care putting it together. 6. if the new drive has a larger capacity than the dv9 original the machine may possibly overheat. 7. good luck.
Q:Can you use pvc conduit with metal connectors?
NM cable shouldn't be compatible for moist nor damp areas. UF cable is not suitable for that uncovered utility either. The cable connectors you selected are suitable for both NM and UF cable. The inspector goes to direct you to make use of a raceway rather of cabling. Make particular you employ an properly rated luminaire and instruments and covers.
Q:PSP USB problem. Is my USB connector broken?
The problem is probably the fact you are not putting the psp into usb mode. when you turn on your psp go as far to the left of the menu that you can then go down or up till you find usb mode and then plug in the usb cable then it should work. hope i helped.

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