Bathroom storage,cabinet with two drawers

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1. Name of commodity: Storage cabinet.

2. Material:Mdf.

3. All our products are garanteed against fault or defects for one year.

4. If your design is more beautiful, we could make it as per your requirements.

5.All products can be provided according to the customer of the size,the combination of special customization.

Model No.          W1004
Brand NameHuatai
Special Usebedroom room furniture
General Use
home furniture
Detachable or not
Foldable or not
PackingExport Standard Packing

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Q:How to buy cabinets? Someone has used SIM cabinet?
The selection should consider the characteristics of the whole cabinet plate material, material characteristics and doors, kitchen cabinets to select what kind of material selection, quality is the key determinant is the kitchen, the price difference, consumers in the selection of kitchen cabinets, manufacturers must be marked with what material. At present, the kitchen cabinets are mainly made of particleboard, MDF, big core board and four kinds of logs. Particleboard, MDF and large core board three, the choice of raw materials, processes are different, its quality, price is a great difference, the latter may be 3 to 5 times difference.
Q:What kind of board cabinet is better?
Paint board substrate for density board, the surface after baking high temperature baked. Paint plate has many advantages of bright color, easy to shape, strong visual impact and beautiful fashion, excellent waterproof, anti fouling ability, easy cleaning, but because the paint board for technical requirements higher, the high price of paint.
Q:How to keep the kitchen moist?
Sanitary corner for dehumidificationSewers, ceiling and wall is often the kitchen corner, easy to gather moisture or shelter evil people and countenance evil practices. Experts remind that the kitchen sewer and sewer connections, if there is no strict seal, it is easy to water seepage and stink. As the water interface is in a more secluded place, the decoration is completed, acceptance is easy to ignore, it is recommended that the decoration workers will interface gap with glass glue or other adhesives sealed. In addition, the water in the sink cabinet hole installed on the cover can be moisture-proof.Kitchen ceiling to the accumulation of oil droplets and water trace deformation. If your kitchen installed a ceiling lamp, but also often maintain the ceiling and ceiling connections, in case the ceiling light drop, causing danger. As for the smaller kitchen, you can use the lime bag to absorb moisture. If you do not have a lime, you can also substitute coffee grounds or soda.
Q:Suede shoes sprayed on wooden furniture, how to clean?
1. Taomi Shui ScrubClean the paint and furniture with concentrated pure white rice washing water to make the furniture clean and bright.2. strong tea, water scrubFoam pot tea, after cooling to slag, with a soft cloth dipped in tea juice, cleaning furniture, paint many times, so that fading furniture can restore luster; if the furniture surface stained with oil, you can use hot tea juice can be removed.
Q:That is to say, the length, height and width of the sideboard are more suitable
Depending on the size of your dining room, the design depth can be 400mm-600mm, height 800mm or so
Q:What's the difference between furniture, furniture and home furnishings?
From the point of view of words, furniture is a household appliance; in some places it is called furniture, that is, household sundries.To be exact, furniture has a broad sense and a narrow sense.Furniture of broad sense is to point to mankind to maintain normal life, be engaged in production practice and carry out social activity indispensable kind of apparatus.
Q:What cabinets are of good quality? How do I see the quality of a cupboard?
Materials are tested, developed, tested and standardized to ensure consistent quality! Large factories can achieve the original production. Local small workshops are encounter God kill God kill the Buddha Buddha, it is difficult to ensure unity!A quartz sub - acrylic countertops, acrylic plate is fake calcium powder, authentic brand a good point of DuPont / kurary / FOTILE kitchen Po, quartz stone powder is fake, authentic good points are Kaisajin / Xi Shi Long etc.
Q:Euromonitor yupang egger is what plate? Is it imported?
Euromonitor Yubang egger is Austria FRITZ EGGER GMBH Co. authorized egger group cooperation, egger in 17 factories in Europe the production of man-made sheet, environmental protection level to the European E1 level.
Q:Kitchen tile smoke too much, what good way to remove it?
Better ventilation equipment. Open kitchen should choose kitchen utensils that won't produce too much smoke fumes, so high-power and multi-function hoods are indispensable to open kitchen". Open kitchen is best to have a larger window, so that you can ensure good ventilation, but also to reduce indoor smoke smell, but also to make the indoor light more transparent. In addition, the best restaurant and living room also install ventilation equipment to slipping away from the smoke.
Q:What ambry quality is good, the price is substantial?
Cabinet board with Jilin forest industry Lushuihe, 16mm on the line, environmentally conscious. What kind of love you see the door, double-sided plastic door, door trim, loving family, doors, solid wood door, paint is not suitable for Chinese family, wood is not suitable for the north, and now the pure wood is very few, most are wrapping solid wood door. The rest will do, and the price is not high.

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