Dinning Talbe T801

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dinning table/glass dinning table

moden design/good quality

best price


dinning table/glass dinning table

moden design/good quality

best price



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Q:What about the quality of Optima's kitchen appliances?
Lampblack exhauster, with its beautiful appearance and good smoke exhaust effect, can be matched with different styles of kitchen furniture decoration, moderate price and so on. It has become a kitchen and toilet appliance that the family will purchase. However, consumers in the selection of smoke exhauster, if not master these basic methods, points, it is easy to step into the purchase errors. Here, five aspects of the problem analysis, and I hope to help you buy satisfactory and appropriate products have a certain role.
Q:Top grade stainless steel furniture, will it rust for a long time?
Stainless steel rust treatment: when the stainless steel surface is contaminated by grease and lubricating oil, it can be wiped clean with soft cloth and then washed with neutral detergent or ammonia solution. When the rainbow appears on the surface of stainless steel, it is caused by excessive use of detergent or oil. When washing, it can be washed with warm neutral detergent. When the surface of stainless steel is dusty or easy to get out of dirt, use soap, weak detergent, or rinse. Stainless steel surfaces, labels, and films should be washed with alcohol or organic solvent when used with warm water or weak detergent. When corrosion occurs on the stainless steel surface, it can be washed with 10% nitric acid or abrasive detergent, or washed with special detergent. Therefore, if you want stainless steel to maintain a bright, clean surface, while extending its service life, the above must be done.
Q:Stainless steel countertops, okay? How about compare to other countertops?
1, stainless steel cabinets, countertops are integrated, will never crack;2, do not test, but also absolute environmental protection, because stainless steel is not synthesized with epoxy resin, there is no natural granite radiation;3, the basin of water, baffle and mesa integration, so that the whole surface of the whole feeling is very good,4, the fire is not hot, who also inevitably put the hot pot to cook hot dishes on the table;5, anti permeability is good, when cooking at home, it is inevitable that the sauce, rape soup what spilled to the table, gently wipe, absolutely do not leave traces;6, stainless steel shock resistance, and strong hardness, in case the day when the wok did not hold on the table, rest assured that stainless steel will not give us face;
Q:The kitchen is on the first floor. It's very damp. What kind of material should be used for the cabinet?
Melamine boardAlso known as double deck panels, once forming plate. The sheet is a paper that is printed with color or wood like patterns, soaked in melamine clear resin and then pressed onto the base surface. Melamine resin after curing the veneer has good abrasion resistance, scratch resistance and other physical properties, so it is suitable for the requirements of kitchen furniture.
Q:Rattan furniture is used for Northeast China
Rattan furniture than other cloth art furniture, leather furniture is better, clean and clean. You can use a soft cloth or brush, vacuum cleaner PE rattan furniture, to prevent the collision and nose or hard things. PE rattan can moisture-proof, mildew, anti-aging, pest control, anti infrared, so in the maintenance do not need too much thought. Solid wood chairs with duster dust gently on the surface with a wet cloth or scrub gently, do not scratch hard objects, so as not to damage the paint on the surface of the waterproof layer. Tesilin mesh chair: use cloth dipped in water to scrub.
Q:What is the width of the kitchen in the suite kitchen and the width of the dishwasher?
Kitchen stove generally at about 80 cm height is more appropriate, whether it is from the beautiful above, or from the operational aspects are very appropriate. Such as the commercial electromagnetic oven, kitchen dedicated, are based on 80 cm to do the height of the table top.
Q:What are the differences between Dulux wood furniture and water-based wood paint?
The advantages of water paint: environmental protection non-toxic, direct water dilution, permeability is good, clear color, yellow resistance can be better. Disadvantages: hardness, lack of surface strength, difficult to do high luminosity process.
Q:How to decorate the kitchen to save money, skills are what?
Cabinet cabinet will cost money, according to meters, found himself playing carpentry, about 6-7 to 100 meters package quantity, the door is by no more than 60cm meters wide on the line. Behind the cabinet can not stick tiles, floor cabinets can be used below the bathroom tiles, tiles, tiles, tiles are best to choose 6080100 specifications of floor tiles, wall tiles, a fraction of two on the line.
Q:What about the Mediterranean style cabinets?
A cupboard is a platform in the kitchen where kitchen utensils are stored and cooked. The cabinet by the cabinet, cabinet, table function and all kinds of hardware accessories. The cabinet is mostly wooden, and it is a storage cabinet for placing tableware, food, foreign wine and so on. Ambry uses brightness commonly taller colour collocation, can make kitchen furniture shows clean, cheerful atmosphere, ambry high-grade beautiful.
Q:What's the standard size of a cupboard door?
This does not have the standard, according to the actual situation should be calculated out of size, generally 300 to 500 of the door size is normal
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