Dinning Talbe T801

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dinning table/glass dinning table

moden design/good quality

best price


dinning table/glass dinning table

moden design/good quality

best price



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Q:Kitchen furniture, that is, what are the cooking
If the kitchen is not used for cooking, naturally less soot, then the kitchen walls naturally do not have to be limited to simple style tiles. The mosaic was originally the kitchen taboo, because crack, a long time, it is difficult to clean, but its fashionable appearance and varied shapes, often win young people love. Well, if the kitchen doesn't have to cook, as long as you like, you can choose any color mosaic, and even stitching a variety of pattern combinations to match the kitchen style.Wallpaper is the most widely used bedroom and living room, and even in bathrooms, but rarely used in the kitchen, because it is less greasy anti capacity. Now you can pick out some waterproof wallpaper, such as large flowers, to match a classic kitchen and strip pattern to a minimalist kitchen. If your living room is wallpaper, then it can be consistent with the style of the kitchen, the overall feeling will be more intense. Waterproof wallpaper is a little more expensive than regular wallpaper, and less colorful.
Q:What kind of solid wood furniture is better?
From the view of the sea of yellow rosewood wood preferred too precious timber made small furniture is more expensive but realistic rosewood look down Grenadilla flower is also good or very good selection of teak wood that is now known as the wood deformation coefficient of a minimum texture and strong I love this kind of sexy strong in natural light wood oil looks good but this wood fake more also must remember he had a name called down is the common teak oak birch wood ash elm general wood is a convenient but more attention should be paid to work work at real wood is wasted
Q:How much is the density of Hawthorn wood suitable for furniture?
Furniture is OK, it must be dried and dried. Or sink into the water for more than two years, naturally slow out the tree pulp, fish out, dried in the furniture.
Q:What are the advantages and disadvantages of sheet, furniture and solid wood furniture?
The wood-based panel furniture problems in environmental protection, if the production of furniture with particleboard and other materials, and veneer, edge will not be all good package, it is easy to release formaldehyde pollution, harmful to the environment. Generally speaking, open the cupboard door or drawer, if there is a strong pungent smell, it is formaldehyde exceeded, this kind of furniture is not appropriate to buy.
Q:What is the standard height of the kitchen range?
Pool: the pool is usually located under the kitchen window. This is because the washing process is more detailed and requires more cleaning. The tank can be made of stainless steel which is easy to clean. It is designed with the operating desk to be a cabinet desk with water tank. This design can make full use of the pool below the incomplete space, by placing some instruments not very common, can be placed on the door of thermos bottle etc.. In addition, the top surface of the pool is also very high, too high or too low are very easy to make people tired. Suitable height is the operator upright, slightly forward, slightly bent arms, fingers can touch the bottom of the pool shall prevail. In general, this height is 88-91cm, at this height varies from person to person, can be adjusted slightly. 3, stove: stove and pool similar, part of the operating table concave proper height can be placed stove. The standard height of the stove table is basically the same as the height of the water tank, and the comfort of the operation can be ensured. The location of the stove is better near the window or close to the outer wall, so that the length of the ventilation pipe of the fume exhauster can be reduced to a minimum, and the occupied space is greatly reduced. Lampblack machine with sink, stove, table top of the cabinet bottom level, to ensure uniformity of the kitchen. At the same time, the cabinet and the stove hood, also need to keep a distance of 55-60cm, in order to meet the needs of the operation line of sight.
Q:European style cabinet line and Rome column useful?
Hardware accessories. Although the hardware is not the main part of it, but as the parts and connections, is also very important, especially for the cabinet door, use frequency is very high, to push and pull operation frequently, so the hardware is directly related to the service life of the cabinet. When choosing a cabinet, hardware is definitely the focus of an inspection.
Q:What material does cabinet cabinet use well?
The cabinet is an important role in the kitchen, special kitchen space, the cabinet material has some exquisite, general kitchen cabinets materials to choose one of the following three: ecological plate: the sandwich (commonly known as blockboard, wood board) is a wood core plywood, the original wood cut into strips core processing, splicing, cover material to force the whole plate from the thin layer two veneer, middle wood mosaic, the substrate is basically not stressed, it is easy to fracture and deformation. Most of the lumber used in the first two years of Chinese fir as raw material, as long as the finger can be broken wood block, nail holding force is less than the national standard several times. Composite solid wood, moisture-proof board, solid wood paint free board: both moisture-proof, and environmentally friendly, and cost-effective
Q:What are the five bedroom furniture sets?
Some time: bed, bedside table, dresser, wardrobe, mattress called bedroom furniture five setsBusinessmen generally define their own concepts, and this is not very standardized standards!
Q:Kitchen furniture maintenance methods and matters needing attention
Redwood furniture maintenanceFirst, mahogany furniture is different from ordinary furniture, it should avoid wet, dry, so the mahogany furniture in particular should not be subject to exposure, avoid blowing air toward furniture.Second, mahogany furniture to reservoir is moderate, in the cabinet store items do not exceed the frame, if often squeeze hard, will cause the deformation of the door.Third, mahogany furniture mahogany surface is generally fragile, such as desktop, chair surface. We should always pay attention to prevent damaged crack, or if the use of moving, found on a delinking tenon and mortise department must re glue sealed before use.Fourth, mahogany furniture in general use of a longer period of time, so usually to protect the furniture surface coating, preferably every three months, with a little wax wipe once, not only to increase furniture beautiful, but also to protect wood.Fifth, prevent alcohol, bananas, water and other solvents upside down. Otherwise, the furniture surface will be long "scars."". Meet the furniture surface with dirt, wash with mild soap and water after drying, and then waxing once, to restore the original appearance, but do not use gasoline, kerosene, turpentine and other solvents liquid rub, otherwise it will wipe the surface of coatings and paint gloss.Sixth. Walnut oil used for maintenance furniture is only suitable for furniture that has not been painted or waxed. Use frequency should not be too high, under normal circumstances, 2-3 months to use once, in a relatively dry environment, you can properly shorten the interval between maintenance, maintenance about once a month.
Q:The cabinet is made of cement, or is it made of a whole cabinet?
1, brick cabinets relative to the overall cabinet, sturdy, not afraid of water, there will be no leakage, rot problems, longer life. According to their own needs, high construction, paste their favorite tiles. Overall coordination with the kitchen is better. The overall cost is also more affordable than the overall cabinet. If you buy relevant kitchen appliances and accessories in advance, you can also do modern and practical.2, brick cabinet advantages: low cost, environmental protection, durability, color change, suitable for the broad masses of working-class and love the rustic style of the use of people.3, the whole cabinet is designed by professional designers, mainly in accordance with customer demand to tailor production. Brick cabinets need careful calculation of the size of the earlier, more cost brain, once there is a defect, bad rework. Compared with the whole cabinet, brick cabinet development is slightly worse. If you want to load a basket or something, you also need to buy first and calculate the size.
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