Handle Of Enamel Casting Iron Bathtubs-·1602

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Specification of Handle of Enamel Casting Iron Bathtubs -·1602

Polyester resin Acrylic Modified resinPavone® Acrylic resin 
Main material Unsaturated polyester(UP)Unsaturated polyester (UP) + Acrylic polymer100% acrylic polymer (100% Acrylic resin)
Molding process Hardening at room temperature; incomplete reaction; chemical residual. Hardening at room temperature or medium temperature; incomplete reaction; chemical residue.Molded under advanced production technology; ?no chemical residue.
Density and porosity Low density; porous Similar to polyester resin Molded under advanced production technology; high density; non-porous
Yellow-resistance Yellowing Subject to yellowing Excellent non-yellowing property 
Anti-staining Satins easily penetrate pores; dirt attaches easilySimilar to polyester resin Dirt stays on the surface; easy cleaning 
Chemical property Not goodBetter than polyester resin The product is National American Standard certified

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Q:What kind of materials are used in the cabinet door now?
Solid wood type, the use of solid wood production, cabinets, door panels, style mostly classical type, usually higher prices. Its door frame is solid wood, with cherry, wood, walnut, wood and oak. The door core is made of medium density board and is made of solid wood skin, and it is made of concave and convex shapes and painted outside of the solid wood surface in order to keep the log color and graceful shape. This can guarantee the special visual effects of solid wood, and the combination of the border and the core board can ensure the strength of the door panels.
Q:European style cabinet line and Rome column useful?
Dimension. Size contains two aspects, one is the overall size, to leave a certain space, while the kitchen should make full use of space. Another aspect of each function cabinet size and reasonable arrangement, including wash basin, cutting board, the size and the position of gas stove.
Q:What kind of material is good in the whole cabinet?
Melamine board name is melamine impregnated paper veneer artificial board, is a different colour or texture of paper into the melamine resin adhesive soak, and then dried to a certain degree of cure, the pavement in particleboard, medium density fiberboard or hardboard surface formed by hot pressing. Melamine decorative doors to German egger as representative, has the advantages of smooth surface, bright color, not easy to deformation, wear and corrosion resistance, and the price is moderate. With a natural seal note, giving a muddy as one of the visual effects. Domestically produced melamine veneer panels are represented by the Lushuihe board, and all the indexes are up to international standards.
Q:Kitchen cabinet size
The general height is 85 cm, table 60 cm wide, 5 cm table door than indent sink and gas stove, according to the place where the hole, according to their own requirements for rice box and a disinfection cabinet, table selection will not absorb color.
Q:What is the width of the kitchen in the suite kitchen and the width of the dishwasher?
The cabinet cabinet: as an integral part of kitchen furniture, the lampblack machine position, cabinet needs to concave a thickness of the machine. At the same time, lampblack machine ventilation tube from inside condole ark can keep the kitchen tidy, but also can make full use of the upper space. However, the thickness of the cabinet should not be too large, should be 30-35cm. The cabinet is too thick, easy to have small kitchen space more narrow; at the same time, take the goods inside is not easy. The best use of shelf cabinet, in order to adapt to the different height of the storage needs.
Q:An integral ambry, what cabinet fittings should have generally?
The whole cabinet definition: also known as "integrated kitchen", cabinets, appliances, gas appliances, kitchen functions four in one integration, with functional Guinness cabinets combination. Describe all kinds of equipment and professional work such as building, connect the water supply and drainage, ventilation, gas, electrical and other professional pipeline induction, and in accordance with the individual needs of consumers in the home kitchen layout, area and family members, after the overall design, the overall construction, complete the overall kitchen cabinets product of the final form.
Q:What brand of steam range hood is easier to use? The smell of the kitchen smells terrible
Cabinet type lampblack machine smoking rate is high, and no suspension, the problem does not exist, the installation of drilling, does not need to consider the affordability of the kitchen wall, it should be said that at this point the combined advantages of thin and deep type lampblack machine. However, because of the restriction of the left and right baffles of the fume hood, the operators have some limitations and inconvenience in cooking, and many consumers give up the choice. In addition, its appearance is not exquisite enough, and it is not easy to match with the modern fashionable kitchen furniture.
Q:Mahogany furniture, kitchen cabinets for what color?
Coffee also has a good effect on stimulating appetite, which makes you seem to smell the aroma of chocolate or coffee. Proper placement of small coffee sets or accessories in the kitchen is an elegant adjustment. Therefore, in the choice of the whole cabinet color, color, as far as possible less neutral color, the best choice of higher brightness colors, such as white, opal, blue, fruit green and yellow and so on. And can stimulate the appetite of color, such as red orange, orange, brown and other colors can be used for jumping, embellishment, eye effect starting point.
Q:How do the cabinets damp?
Kitchen furniture must be wet and dry separationCabinets, sinks are indispensable in the kitchen protagonist, kitchen decoration is the easiest place to damp the cabinet. If the sink position is improper or the design is not considered, it is easy to cause deformation of the cabinet or material mildew. The proposed renovation first paved floor, and then do the cabinet, so that not only can the exact size, but also can ensure the cabinet after sufficient drying installation, avoid excessive thermal or moisture intrusion cause ambry mildew. At the same time, the cabinet panel will release formaldehyde to varying degrees. Owners can choose some professional chemicals in the cabinet, both moisture-proof and environmental protection role.
Q:What's the standard size of a cupboard door?
This does not have the standard, according to the actual situation should be calculated out of size, generally 300 to 500 of the door size is normal
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