Glass Talbe T805

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30 Sets set
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500 Sets per Month set/month

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T805 galass table

1)nice design&high quality

2)tempered glass&metal

3)two size can be choice.

Glass table T805



2)tempered glass &metal.high quality & best price.

3)many model chair can be choice

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Q:Could you tell me if the gas meter is installed in the cabinet under the stove?
From the perspective of safety management, gas meter installation or at eye height is good. Conducive to observation, but also to the sense of smell.
Q:How to understand the relationship between the three interior design, furnishings, furniture?
The interior design is a very broad coverage of the term, he contains furnishings and furniture, and soft outfit, this can fill design, furnishings interior design, a detailed comparison, it contains furniture and furnishings and decoration furnishings, is a very systematic position.
Q:How to choose the board to do the cabinet?
Lushuihe: many brands of cabinets have said that their use is Lushuihe sheet. But in the purchase of Lushuihe plate, it must be confirmed that Jilin Forest Industry Co., Ltd. produced, the company produced the most authentic. Lushuihe is a man-made board brand, is also a place name, but the Lushuihe places not only one family made in factory, so the contract must specify forest Lushuihe brand, so as to avoid the late business to play word games.
Q:New house decoration, I do not know what color kitchen cabinets?
In addition, some strong, strong colors can also stimulate appetite. Red, for example, gives a feeling of energy and a strong appetite for energy. The red seat effect is most obvious. If you have poor appetite, sitting on a red chair will make you hungry. Coffee also has a good effect on stimulating appetite, which makes it smell like chocolate or coffee. Proper placement of small coffee sets or accessories in the kitchen is an elegant adjustment.
Q:Now furniture is generally used what plate, and wood grain is how to transfer the?
This is hard to say you want to use beautiful furniture furniture plate to more environmentally friendly with Chinese fir knuckle board furnitureThe wood grain is free to choose from the panel
Q:How long does wallpaper stick without formaldehyde?
General renovation of the house, its formaldehyde content may exceed 6 times the standard, individual may exceed 40 times the standard. Studies have shown that formaldehyde content in the indoor environment is closely related to the use time, temperature, humidity and ventilation conditions of the house. In general, the use of housing for longer periods of time, residual amount of formaldehyde in the indoor environment is less; the higher the temperature, the humidity is bigger, more conducive to the release of formaldehyde; ventilation conditions are better, more conducive to building decoration materials, formaldehyde release.
Q:What material is good with the countertop?
The crystal board functions in other materials in the forefront, but the price is high, so it is generally suitable for economic good family. For medium families, Xiao Bian suggests using paint boards. Although the paint board is easy to scratch, but serious maintenance is also able to increase its service life. The rest of its functions are comparable to those of the crystal plate.
Q:What is a meter cabinet
The cabinet industry, rice with count = 1 Yanmi Yanmi Diaogui count per meter range with meter structure adjustment
Q:The cabinet is champagne, then what color frame should the kitchen sliding door be with?
If your room elsewhere also set up such as the living room and balcony sliding door, sliding door, should pay attention to coordination between each other, with the same color frame and surface decoration, the so-called big environment, so that the indoor feeling has echoed, with a sense of continuity. You better choice here should be white border, good collocation, also more elegant. The kitchen sliding door frame need not be overemphasized, so that the color of the kitchen furniture jumped out, prominent out, the effect will be better.
Q:What kind of wood is best suited for kitchen furniture?
Commonly used density board with three plywood, but personal advice to use solid wood good, after all, the kitchen moisture is still heavy, and solid wood is not easy to deformation
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