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1000SQM m²
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3000SQM/Month m²/month

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Key Specifications/Special Features Of Articicial Stone: 


1. Material: Stone

2. 2. Antique feel, Metal Image

3. Low water absorption

4. Strong in hardness

5. Coordination in color and luster

6. Usage Area: home, office, hotel, government

7. Style: simple, classic, elegant and splendid in color

8. Good in abrasion and chemical corrosion-resistant

9. Resistance to thermal shock

10. Available in various sizes and colors



Primary Competitive Advantages Of  Artificial Stone: 


1. All product of rustic ceramic tiles are of top grade AAAA


2. CE certificate, ISO9001:2008 and ISO14001:2004


3. OEM accepted.


4. Speial dimensions available according to your floor tiles request.


5. Best Quality with best price, strictly quality control.


6. On time delivery, in general 7-10days.


7. Best after sale service, customer can follow their porcelain tiles order situation any time. no matter on product line, warehouse or shipment.



Main Export Markets Of Artificial Stone: 


1. Asia

2. Australasia

3. Central/South America

4. Eastern Europe

5. Mid East/Africa

6. North America

7. Western Europe



Specification Of Artificial Stone




Artificial Stone Physical Technical Data

Compressive Strength

12.8 Mpa

Rupture Strength

3.4 Mpa

Water Absorption

< 18%

Drying Shrinkage

0.5 mm/m

Freezing resistance                          (Minus 20 Degrees Celsius )

Weight Loss:0.75%

Compressive Strength:10.7Mpa


1120 kg/m3



Product Pictures Of Artificial Stone


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Q:What are the artificial stone countertops?
Cloud stone: cloud stone is a higher than the cost of crystal stone, pattern imitation of natural lines, texture, hard artificial stone. Because of its processing and texture docking defects, has not been large-scale use, generally used in other external walls of packaging, columns, lighting packaging.
Q:Composite acrylic good or artificial stone jade good
High-quality resin plate Substitutes Material Ingredients High-quality resin Adds about 20% Acrylic, aluminum hydroxide and 65% of the material, the material is about 2% (depending on the color) Composite acrylic Both resin plate and pure acrylic panel Advantages with days Marble elegant, granite hard and delicate wood and warm feeling at the same time colorful, no radioactive use of the price is much lower than the pure acrylic brand cabinet is also pushing the countertops.
Q:About the decoration of the kitchen, your cabinet is made of artificial stone or stainless steel, and recommended
In general, the cabinet material is made of solid wood ecological board as the cabinet, the table with natural stone to do stove stone. This is a very popular choice. As for the stainless steel, the hotel is generally used in the kitchen, and not beautiful. At the same time, the market is rarely sold
Q:What is the prospect of man-made stone market? What about profit?
Artificial stone set up factories to find a market, not too much business development and occupation of the place. The above is a small factory must know that the number of investment is not how much you look at the plant, depends on how much you can freely control the resources.
Q:Whether the table is made of natural marble or man-made marble
With the development of modern architecture, the decorative materials made of light, high strength, beautiful, multi-species requirements. Artificial surface stone is in this situation appears. It is light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance, pollution resistance, easy construction, pattern patterns can be artificially controlled, is the ideal building materials for modern architecture.
Q:Making artificial stone how to do it
Raw material preparation and ingredients ① the stone block, gravel, coarse marble powder by design ratio device hopper, weighing the belt with weighing ingredients. ② the marble powder, fine powder stored in the vertical warehouse, to the provisions of the quality sent to the mixer. ③ white cement stored in a vertical warehouse, said the scheduled quality, open the gate into the mixer. ④ resin into the resin tank, the use of quantitative injection into the mixer. ⑤ catalyst, accelerator, defoamer were stored in stainless steel containers, according to the need to use a quantitative pump into the proportion of the mixer. ⑥ pigment with a special container by design crushing, weighing and pre-mixing into the mixer. ⑦ If you use cement as a binder should be prepared when the water, electronic control of pneumatic valve control of water (the rest with ① ~ ⑥).
Q:What is the difference between polymer slab and composite acrylic table?
Composite acrylic artificial stone is made of unsaturated polyester resin, base acrylic acid methyl ester (PMMA), natural minerals and pigments mixed with high molecular solid surface material, no radioactive, can be in direct contact with food, its stability , Physical, anti-aging and anti-yellowing inferior to pure acrylic artificial stone, widely used in high-grade decoration.
Q:Artificial stone how to bond
In the artificial stone bonding, the main steps are as follows: 1, in the section before cleaning, to eliminate all the cement residue, dust, some easy to remove the particles to be carefully removed. And will be bound to the stone to the seam inspection, seams do not have residue and small particles. 2, cross-section cleaning: In order to remove the stubborn area of ​​dust, first with the German Ya Ke US strong cleaning agent (10826) on the section, the back of a thorough cleaning, and then rinse with water many times. 3, dry: in the natural dry conditions, should be dry, generally should be dry more than 12h, the sun drying more than 4h is appropriate. 4, adjust the plastic: According to the length of the gap and the size of the gap to adjust the amount of plastic, how much should be applied to the requirements of the curing agent and the requirements of the level of temperature modulation, adjust the curing reaction time should meet the requirements, the reaction is too fast and easy to cure Then, too slow is not conducive to curing adhesive. 5, cross-section bonding: evenly adjust the glue with a good plastic as soon as possible in the joint section, and then align the joints, forced out of the excess glue to the corresponding two sides of the straightness as a reference standard, and correct The degree of flatness. 6, dry: natural conditions for more than three days is appropriate drying, the quality of this section is directly related to the next step in the installation and grinding, it must be taken seriously, or will come to naught, affecting the progress of the project.
Q:What are the good brands of artificial stone?
Artificial stone is the last year or the year before they come out of the new products, with stone powder plus glue to suppress the production process from the fake jade evolved, the cost is very low, there is no scientific and technological content, no good brand one that the cheap That house is good
Q:Marble granite and artificial stone in the end which radiation is large
In the whole natural system is the largest radiation in the sun, but people are electromagnetic radiation, the real harm is those ionizing radiation, but ionizing radiation is not where there is, in addition to rock there is the atomic bomb and some nuclear waste will have , But can not be generalized, the main harm is still a radon radiation with the stone, remember the previous news reports archaeologists to Egypt to the tombs, although found a lot of cultural relics, but archaeologists have not long before the death, and later News after a lapse of many years only to find the original culprit is not Pharaoh curse, but radon radiation, this kind of things colorless and tasteless can not detect, only through professional equipment to detect.
This corporation was set up on 2000,including the Ceramics Factory and Ceramics Material Factory . To satisfy the customers' demand is our target since we established.Technological innovation is our principle.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Foshan, China
Year Established 2000
Annual Output Value Above US$ 50 Million
Main Markets Aisa; Mid East; Eastern Europe; North America; South America
Company Certifications ISO 9001

2. Manufacturer Certificates

a) Certification Name  
Validity Period  

3. Manufacturer Capability

a)Trade Capacity  
Nearest Port Foshan;Huangpu
Export Percentage 30% - 40%
No.of Employees in Trade Department 10-15 People
Language Spoken: English; Chinese
b)Factory Information  
Factory Size: Above 100,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines Above 5
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered; Design Service Offered
Product Price Range Medium