High Quality Low Carbon stone 001

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TT or L/C
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1000 sq.m. m²
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400000 sq.m. Per Month m²/month

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Product Description:

General information of low carbon stone


Raw material

Sawdust, corn-straw and tailing, can be recycled after using.


Utilizing molecular structure of crystalline-state solidification, shaping under normal temperature and pressure with low  carbon emission.


Stitching, wet-sticking and dry-fasten connecting


Favorable corrosion resistance, non-ignitable, water-proof, UV-resistant, high resistance to fire, water and insects. 

Lead time

30 days after receiving buyer's original L/C or Prepayment


Seaworthy Export Standard Wooden Pallet

Four breakthroughs

Comprehensive utilization of natural resources: Be recyclable, using sawdust, corn-straw and tailing as materials. The product can be recycled after using. 

Low carbon and energy saving in the course of production: Adopting the independent individual property’s technology, utilizing molecular structure of crystalline-state solidification, shaping under normal temperature and pressure with low carbon emission.

Environmental and healthy in the course of construction and using: Synthesized by natural inorganic raw materials, nontoxic, odorless and non-radiative simple installation, which could save energy cost and reduce and waste emission, raise efficiency and reduce erection time.

From nature, beyond nature: Full realization of the natural texture, high resistance to fire, water and insects. Do not rot or fade after long time usage. Super self-cleaning needs low maintenance cost. Vivid color and appearance provides a wide space to designers.

Six advantages

Lower more than 50% cost, enhance building's performance to price ratio.

Cutting at will, Fixing easy, Shorting project time.

Good performance in resistance to elements, corrosion-resistant ,resistance to termite, fire resistance and water-resistant, far from distortion and discolorations in 30 years. 

Well self-cleaning, low cost in later maintenance: Don't need professional maintenance in 30s(Cleaning with water only), saving much cost. 

Customize the color, showing individuation: Beyond 400 kinds of colors, designers could exhibit their imagination. 

Compound with natural inorganic materials: Without formaldehyde and toluol, sustained releasing negative oxygen ion, forming nature oxygen bar.

Special specifications are available on customers' requirements.


Technical information of low carbon stone



1.23 g/m3        

Folding strength             

15.4 Mpa                 

Wet expansion rate


Shear strength


Frost resistance

Thaw-freeze cycle after 25 times, no slip crack and peeling off

Formaldehyde release

0.014mg/(m2·h)  (GB/T 18587-2001)


Specification of low carbon stone


Standard: 2400mm/3000mm(L)×1200mm(W)×12mm/20mm(T)

Standard length: 2400mm/3000mm

Standard width:300mm,400mm,600mm(including 3mm kerf width)

Standard thickness: 12mm/20mm


Product exhibition of low carbon stone


Low carbon stone with hole rock


 Low Carbon stone    Low Carbon stone    Low Carbon stone   Low Carbon stone    Low Carbon stone       


Low carbon stone 


 Low Carbon stone    Low Carbon stone    Low Carbon stone    Low Carbon stone     Low Carbon stone


The project picture of low carbon stone





 The project picture of low carbon stone ~1     


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Q:Artificial stone is usually divided into several types?
Crystal plate and ordinary board, the biggest difference is that the crystal version is translucent, ordinary board opaque.
Q:Is the table good for glass or marble (artificial stone)?
Glass easy and outdated, easy to hurt the glass customers, stone table has a good practical, not easily outdated.
Q:What is the man-made stone of the countertops?
Any material of artificial stone, Pakistan's hardness between 58 to 62, can not afford the metal and other sharp "planning." (Refurbished to remedy)
Q:Artificial stone countertops how to judge good or bad?
Because the artificial stone pattern, color and more easy to shape, which makes it the most common use of the overall cabinet countertop material, but some of the poor quality of artificial stone countertops often appear cracks, artificial stone quality depends mainly on the quality of material Add aluminum powder or calcium powder. Aluminum chemical composition is aluminum hydroxide, the stability is better, but also more environmentally friendly; and calcium chemical composition of calcium carbonate, relatively rough, anti-permeability, stability is relatively poor. The price of calcium powder is about one tenth of the price of aluminum powder. With the naked eye consumers simply can not be presented separately material. In general, consumers can judge by two ways: (1) saw the observation. Good quality man-made stone cross-section from the volume, showing flake. And poor quality is broken, the adhesion is relatively poor. (2) Ignition observation. Take a 50 cm small sample, ignited the alcohol lamp blue flame, and then slowly leave the flame, aluminum plate flame will be automatically extinguished in 3 seconds, and calcium powder board flame will last more than 10 seconds.
Q:What about the overall kitchen table?
The whole kitchen is also called the whole cabinet, is the kitchen cabinets, range hoods, gas stove, disinfection cabinet, dishwasher, refrigerator, microwave oven, electric oven, basin, all kinds of drawer draw basket, garbage crusher and other kitchen utensils and kitchen appliances A system with a new form of kitchen. "Overall" means the overall configuration, the overall design, the overall construction decoration. "System with" refers to the cabinet, kitchen utensils and a variety of kitchen appliances according to its shape, size and use of a reasonable layout, to achieve kitchen appliances integration. In accordance with the family members of the height, color preferences, cultural accomplishment, cooking habits and kitchen space structure, lighting combined with ergonomics, ergonomics, engineering materials and decorative arts to design the principle of harmony of science and art in the kitchen Reflected most vividly.
Q:Artificial stone terrazzo advantages
(1), high-grade terrazzo, table light after the brightness of more than 70, dust and anti-skid to achieve the quality of marble; (2), terrazzo, the surface hardness of 6-8; (3), terrazzo, can be random splicing color, color can be customized preparation; (4), no cracking, not afraid of heavy truck rolling rolling, not afraid of heavy objects drag, do not shrink deformation; (5), can not afford dust, cleanliness; cleanliness to meet the pharmaceutical, chip manufacturing and other high clean environment requirements; (6), non-flammable, non-ignition, anti-aging, stain resistance, corrosion resistance, no smell without any pollution;
Q:Artificial stone with oil mark on how to remove ink stains
A lot of things can be cleared mark stains, white oil, banana water, household disinfectant, detergent. Wipe twice more than just fine
Q:How to calculate the weight of artificial marble
It is light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance, pollution resistance, easy construction, pattern patterns can be artificially controlled, is the ideal building materials for modern architecture.
Q:Artificial stone wash basin advantages and disadvantages
Will now no one to do artificial stone wash basin it to buy a pot of pots on the table in the effect of good
Q:Artificial quartz stone surface how to edging
Conditional use of milling machine, installed you want the side of the grinding head, you can grind the side you want; conditions can be bought almost table angle mill, but the professional master operation, or the effect of grinding not good;

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Location Tianjin,China
Year Established 2009
Annual Output Value Below US$1 Million
Main Markets North America
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Nearest Port Tianjin
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