Aluminum wheel rim for all car with 5 Hole quality

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Product Description:

 Application:Aluminum wheel rim is used to all brands cars




Size ETCBHoleP.C.D


  1. Specialized in light aluminum and high-level wheels.


2.chemical composition of  Aluminum wheel ;A356&A356.2 alloy steel(Si 6.5-7.5,Mg 0.30-0.45,Ti<0.2,Fe<0.12 Mn<0.1 Cu<0.05 Zn<0.05 Al)

3.Finishing of  Aluminum wheel:black,silver,gray,hyper black,hyper silver,hyper silver,machining face,machining lip,color line,chrome,color-ele

4.Process;lower pressure and vacuum pressure.



Our advantage:


  • T6061 Forged Aluminum Rim & Disk

  • ISO/TS16949 Certification

  • Finite Element Analysis passed

  • Customization choices of design and finish

  • TPMS perfectly compatibal

  • Special sealing technology to avoid air leakage

  • Titanium bolts optional

  • Flat / Concave / Deep Concave / Super Concave of center disk optional 



Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:STANDARD CARTON


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Q:Car drive problem
In the case of the left and right sides of the car driving wheel is not subject to resistance to the case, the left and right drive wheel is driven at constant speed, generally only in a straight line before the speed, the role of differential: the input torque is divided into two, Two drive axles, and allow two axles to rotate at different rates.
Q:Will the car's chassis fall?
A little more generally have a suspension, shock absorber assembly, bow assembly, front balance bar. Drive system, cage assembly, lower arm, ball, brake disc, brake shoe, brake cylinder, brake tube. Fuel system, fuel tank, tubing. Large frame assembly (cart) and so on
Q:Where the car is driven
Engine front, front wheel drive (FF): the 20th century, 90 years in domestic and foreign cars on the increasingly popular form of arrangement. In order to shorten the length of the vehicle, reduce the quality of the car, often before the engine placed in the front axle, the transmission after the things are moving forward, the transmission and drive axle into one, fixed in the engine next to the power directly to the front wheel, Chassis height, improved handling stability at high speed. Such as the common Audi 100 sedan, as well as micro-cars (Xiali, Alto, etc.) are used in the engine front, front-wheel drive drive system layout, common engine front, front axle drive car also has two to the structure: The engine axis is parallel to the front axle (such as the Xiali car); the second is the engine longitudinal (such as Santana, Audi and other cars).
Q:Car driving force - driving resistance relationship
Is your driving force parameter measured from the engine output? I do not know how you got it. I estimate the error is due to the resistance of the transmission
Q:How to sort auto parts
According to the classification of car parts, divided into: body parts, the engine parts, site parts, electrical parts, other
Q:Will the car engine (car petrol engine) drive disk (auto parts classified questions)?
You can try immediately international logistics cloud management system
Q:What is the flywheel in the auto parts?
Flywheel is used as the starting motor of the passive parts, the clutch of the active parts, divided into two, one is the mechanical clutch, one liquid adapter, which is used since the car. The friction surface of the flywheel is driven by the clutch plate of the clutch and transmits power to the gearbox when the vehicle travels. When the driver depresses the clutch pedal, the clutch plate leaves the flywheel so that the power transmission is interrupted and the gear is shifted. Leaving the pedal, clutch plate and flywheel contact, power will resume transmission.
Q:What is the meaning of the four-wheel drive?
A form of a four-wheel drive vehicle drive system means that the driver can change the two-wheel drive or four-wheel drive mode by turning on or off the splitter according to the road conditions to achieve two-drive and four-wheel drive free conversion The way of driving. Time-sharing four-wheel drive usually only use the front wheel or rear wheel drive to drive, in the snow or gravel road can be switched to four-wheel drive to exercise, also known as the choice of four-wheel drive. This is also the most common drive mode for off-road vehicles or four-wheel drive SUVs.
Q:What are the internal parts of the car generator?
Rotor 'stator.
Q:Car drive mode
The rear engine rear wheel drive was widely used in miniature cars because of its compact structure, neither a heavy drive shaft nor a complicated front wheel steering and drive structure. Its drawback is that the rear axle load is large, in terms of handling will have the opposite of FF overturning tendencies, that is, high-speed cornering stability is poor, easy to slip. There are already very few cars that still use RR layout. Porsche 911 is one, and it is easy to flick the handling characteristics is also out of the name.

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