Aluminum Wheel Rim for all car with 10 Spoke

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 Application:Aluminum wheel rim is used to all brands cars




Size ETCBHoleP.C.D


  1. Specialized in light aluminum and high-level wheels.


2.chemical composition ;A356&A356.2 alloy steel(Si 6.5-7.5,Mg 0.30-0.45,Ti<0.2,Fe<0.12 Mn<0.1 Cu<0.05 Zn<0.05 Al)

3.Finishing:black,silver,gray,hyper black,hyper silver,hyper silver,machining face,machining lip,color line,chrome,color-ele

4.Process;lower pressure and vacuum pressure.



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Packaging Detail:STANDARD CARTON


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Q:What is the reason why the car drives the hub overheating
This is caused by the use of brakes during driving. Brakes used too much, the car to make the film and wheel Yi steel friction brake process back to fever. Are normal phenomenon.
Q:The principle of four-wheel drive car who can explain the next?
Four-wheel drive, also known as all-wheel drive, as the name suggests is the wheels before and after the car has a dynamic drive, according to the state of the road running the engine output torque will be distributed in all the wheels before and after the car to improve the driving ability. Four-wheel drive notation with 4 × 4 or 4WD. Note that these symbols of the car is a four-wheel drive function.
Q:Car drive mode
The rear engine rear wheel drive was widely used in miniature cars because of its compact structure, neither a heavy drive shaft nor a complicated front wheel steering and drive structure. Its drawback is that the rear axle load is large, in terms of handling will have the opposite of FF overturning tendencies, that is, high-speed cornering stability is poor, easy to slip. There are already very few cars that still use RR layout. Porsche 911 is one, and it is easy to flick the handling characteristics is also out of the name.
Q:How to sort auto parts
According to the quality of auto parts classification, divided into: 4S pieces, is the factory parts, vice factory, scrap pieces.
Q:Will the car's chassis fall?
The normal situation certainly not, what the end of the possible
Q:Will the car engine (car petrol engine) drive disk (auto parts classified questions)?
WeChat concerned about the "commodity code immediately check", according to the known product name, product code, anytime, anywhere query HS code and commodity MFN tax rate, tax rate, value-added tax rate, reporting elements, regulatory conditions, mandatory certification or even classified examples.
Q:What is the main part of the car?
The body holds the driver, passengers and cargo, and forms the car's shell. The truck body consists of the cab of the cab, and the body of the bus and the car is made up of a uniform shell. Other special vehicles also include other special equipment. Body also includes doors, windows, car locks, interior and exterior trim, accessories, seats and the front of the sheet metal pieces.
Q:Focus on driving electric sightseeing car drive system components which
Electric sightseeing car consists of three parts: body, chassis, electrical system.
Q:Car driving force - driving resistance relationship
Is your driving force parameter measured from the engine output? I do not know how you got it. I estimate the error is due to the resistance of the transmission
Q:How to make two-wheel-drive car converted into a four-wheel drive ah?
This is too difficult.

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