Aluminum Foil Food Container for Airline Service

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Disponsable Square Aluminum Foil Container for airline food aluminium foil
3.For Food

 Round Square Rectangle Irregular  Colorful Disponsable Aluminum Foil Container for airline with lid  airline Aluminum Foil Container with lid  aluminum foil food container  food aluminium foil



Usage of Square Aluminum Foil Container:



Foil container products  

 (1)all kinds of aluminum foil containers in round, square, rectangle, and irregular shapes,products processing is silver foil or colored/printed foil, foil laminated with film and then stamping.Foil containers With baking, boiling resistance properties, oil resistant, moisture-proof, health, environmental protection, used for aviation, hotels, restaurants and frozen packaging of fresh fish, frozen seafood , food and chocolate packaging, and provide supporting cardboard cover, foil cover; Packing of the products are plastic bag / carton packaging.


(2)Barbecue grill liner is square, 12pcs/pack,plastic pack for packing, easy for long-term preservation in various environments, it is easy for barbecue, picnic or barbecue meat , vegetables, chicken wings in the room, avoid the phenomenon of burning caused by direct contact with open flame barbecue products, is a new type of green environmental protection products, sanitary, convenient.


(3)gas cooker cushion with diameter of inner core are D30,D60,D90,D110, they are square and round shape, packed in the plastic packing, 8/10/12pcs/pack,they are the best clean products for gas cookers



Technical Parameters:


Product nameFoil thicknessNet weight gmlAssistant materialtechnical characteristic
Aviation foil container0.055-0.07See <<foil containers introduction>>
Colored foil container0.055-0.07See <<foil containers introduction>>colored
Foil tray for soup0.05-0.065See <<foil containers introduction>>D60,65,78
No wrinkle foil container0.0857.5300White lacqueredcolored
Foil cover0.06See <<foil containers introduction>>
Foil container for fish ball0.1414450filmLaminated with film
Foil container for fish0.08-0.10See <<foil containers introduction>>228/360/420
Foil container for pop corn0.11512500
Barbecue grill liner0.0830/517×305
Gas cooker cushion0.0151.4/D30,60,90,110


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Q:What about the bottle lid in the toilet?
If the above method does not work, then go to the supermarket to buy a "toilet suction", flush a little water, put in the suction, the water does not flush too much, otherwise you can not pull out, this approach can generally be resolved.
Q:Will the bottle stopper automatically push out at a very low temperature?
The outside temperature changes, will lead to external pressure changes, the pressure of cold air is relatively small, but the bottle internal temperature is relatively high, the internal air molecules are relatively active, so if the outside temperature is there such a change, it will cause the internal pressure on the external one, acting on the cork, it will be crowded go out. But this situation may have an impact when the bottle bursts.
Q:How do I open the wine bottle?
Key。 The key in the door with a small ordinary day, the gap at the junction of the bottle cap and alignment, a little bit to pry a few, the position of deformation, and then pry the opposite, not to turn to pry, when always hear the leaking sound can punch cap easily by hand.
Q:What is the principle of opening a cork without a bottle opener?
A straight tree, folded cloth or towel flat on the bottom of the bottle, and then stacked on the cloth bottom collision tree balanced strong, so that the internal impact of the original bottle of wine to soak in the carbon dioxide precipitation, so that the pressure inside the bottle increases rapidly, so as to help a bit a little wine stopper top, when the cork was the top left about 1/3, then only need to use a hand to the rest of the cork screw out can be completed opened
Q:Which one of the common wine corks is made of oak bark?
The cork just known as saying, Wine cork is made from a general called oak tree bark, a piece of cut, this is the most expensive, and debris stuck together, cheaper
Q:How can I plug the stopper when the wine is turned on and the stopper is not returned?
In fact, there is a simple way to plug the oak stopper in the opposite direction.
Q:How to remove the smell of sawdust tea bottle
[matters needing attention]:1. During the shaking, be careful not to drop the stopper.2, when shaking up and down, both hands in the air painted oval, according to the feeling of it, let the egg shell along the bottle wall circle is.
Q:What's a vacuum stopper? How do you use it?
Before you remove the cork, gently shake the bottle stopper to balance the pressure inside and outside the bottle and pull out the stopper;
Q:What can't be done with a rubber stopper?
Concentrated sulfuric acid is dehydrated and should not use cork;Benzene and toluene and other organic reagents and KMnO4, HNO3, H2SO4, FeCl3, concentration of bromine, chlorine and other strong oxidizing agents will be swelling rubber plug, or the carbon carbon double bond oxidation in rubber, and therefore can not be used rubber plug.
Q:How can you turn on a wine stopper without a special tool?
With a thick towel or leather pad in the bottle bottom, hitting the wall alignment of medium force uniform, such as wine match prominent nearly half were rotated by hand twisting can take off.

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