Aluminum Foil Composite Cryogenic Adiabatic Paper

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Aluminum Foil Composite Cryogenic Adiabatic Paper
1.light weight
2.good uniformity
3.low thermal conductivity

Aluminum Foil Composite Cryogenic Adiabatic Paper

Cryogenic insulation paper/radiation shield compositions:

Cryogenic insulation paper(P paper/Z paper)/aluminum foil(or aluminized polyester film) compositions are laminated of Cryogenic insulation paper and aluminum foil(or aluminized polyester film).These products can be wrapped to the cryogenic inner tank directly and no need to composite by user.  Therefore ,it can effectively reduce the waste of material and hugely increases efficiency. The width varies from 40mm to 1800mm.


technical specification aluminum  foil  aluminized polyester film
condition  anneal  vcauum aluminizing
Thickness  0.0065  0.012
surface oiliness without oil, not less than calss B on brush water test  No oil
Harmful Element(%)  Pb<0.01 Cd<0.01 As<0.01 /
Width  30-1780  30-1780

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