Multilayer combination of aluminum foil reflective screen and cryogenic & insulation paper

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The main way of heat conduction is by radiation heat exchange in the low and vacuum condition. In order to reduce the radiation heat exchange to meet the good heat insulation effect, by using aluminum foil for reflecting screen and superfine glass fiber insulation paper for spacer, then the multilayer combination of aluminum foil reflective screen and cryogenic & insulation material can build up the efficient thermal barrier against heat transfer in insulated vacuum storage containers. This material can be freely winding, and help the user to reduce the waste of manpower and material waste.

To form a vacuum passageway on the aluminum foil reflection screen surface, moreover does not reduce the reflection screen areacompany abandoned the traditional circular punching method, and applied a new method to reach the required vacuum degree rapidly without reducing the reflection area,  then achieved the best heat insulation effect.

Product NameStandardPerformance Index
1LR-MAGM-90-2Width:90mm/Foil 70mm/2 layer combination0.06mm Heat resistant paper /9.5μm Foil
2LR-MAGM-900-5Width:900mm/Foil 890mm/5 layer combination0.06mm Heat resistant paper /6.5μm Foil
3LR-MAGM-1110-2Width:1110mm/Foil 1100mm/2 layer combination0.06mm Heat resistant paper /6.5μm Foil
4LR-MAGM-1200-5Width:1200mm/Foil 1190mm/5 layer combination0.06mm Heat resistant paper /6.5μm Foil
5LR-MAGM-170-5Width:1700mm/Foil 1690mm/5 layer combination0.06mm Heat resistant paper /6.5μm Foil
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