Aluminum Foil Laminated Cryogenic Insulation Quilt Lower Thermal Conductivity

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Product Description:

1.Description of Cryogenic Micro Fiberglass Insulation Paper :

Cryogenic micro fiberglass insulation paper is fabricated with selected

superfine fiberglass which is generally laminated with aluminum foil.

It shares the advantage of low thermal conductivity but high thermal

contact resistance, outstanding uniformity, fast outgassing rate but low gas

emission under vacuum conditions, light gram-weight and wide applicable

working temperature range (-269~500).

It is the top selected insulation materials applicable for cryogenic liquid

storage & mobile containers and pipeline systems for liquid oxygen, nitrogen,

hydrogen, helium, argon, LNG and etc

2.Main features of Cryogenic Micro Fiberglass Insulation Paper:

Lower Thermal Conductivity     High Tensile Strength

Light  Weight                 

3. Cryogenic Micro Fiberglass Insulation Paper Images:

 Aluminum Foil Laminated Cryogenic Insulation Quilt Lower Thermal Conductivity

4. Cryogenic Micro Fiberglass Insulation Paper Technical Parameters:

There are three kinds of Cryogenic Micro Fiberglass Insulation Paper according to the different package and usage. They are paper, aluminum foil Laminated paper in roll,  aluminum foil Laminated paper in quilt.


u  Dewar   

u  Vehicle cylinder

u  LNG tanker       

u  LNG storage tank

u  LNG vessel  

u  Cryogenic piping system   

u  Fire protection

u  Skid-mounted gas filling station



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There is also a commonly used gas fuel is natural gas, but also piped, because of its non-toxic and high calorific value, is now gradually replacing gas as the main body of urban gas fuel.
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