superfine glass fiber Cryogenic & Insulation paper

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The superfine glass fiber Cryogenic & Insulation paper is made of alkali-free glass fiber (diameter between 0.1-0.6μm) and fiber glass filament (diameter between 3-5 μm). According to a certain proportion, the paper is produced under the wet & vacuum forming process to make the paper have the space lattice structure.

All the glass fiber is inorganic material, so it has outstanding flame retardant properties.
Due to the space lattice structure of this paper, it makes both the thermal conductivity coefficient and specific heat flux of interlayer are extremely low when the paper is in a cryogenic environment.

The material properties determine the fiber surface is not easy to be adsorbed gas molecules, so the vacuum speed is fast in a rather short time, and it is good to maintain the required vacuum degree.
Specifically engineered for use at big temperature range (approaching -273℃—500℃) and also the paper is really stable in the low temperature condition.
So the super thermal insulation glass fiber paper is the best solution for the storage tank and transportation of LNG, liquid oxygen, liquid hydrogen and liquid nitrogen.

性能 Performance

单位 Unit

指标 Index

克重 Gram.



厚度 Thickness



抗张强度 Tensile strength



水分含量 Moisture content



热失重(500度)/Weight lost at 500 ℃



导热系数 Thermal conductivity



幅宽 Width



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