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On the basis of drill foil composite glass fiber insulation paper, according to the company, the domestic part of the special needs of customers design different insulation is to meet the needs of different customers, so as to improve efficiency, improve the operational difficulty, reduce equipment etc..

IDProduct NameStandardPerformance Index
1LR-MAGM-90-2Width:90mm/Foil 70mm/2 layer combination0.06mm Heat resistant paper /9.5μm Foil
2LR-MAGM-900-5Width:900mm/Foil 890mm/5 layer combination0.06mm Heat resistant paper /6.5μm Foil
3LR-MAGM-1110-2Width:1110mm/Foil 1100mm/2 layer combination0.06mm Heat resistant paper /6.5μm Foil
4LR-MAGM-1200-5Width:1200mm/Foil 1190mm/5 layer combination0.06mm Heat resistant paper /6.5μm Foil
5LR-MAGM-170-5Width:1700mm/Foil 1690mm/5 layer combination0.06mm Heat resistant paper /6.5μm Foil
Or according to customer request production

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