fireproof insulation tape for lng cryogenic storage

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fireproof insulation tape for lng cryogenic storage

1.light weight
2.good uniformity
3.low thermal conductivity

fireproof insulation tape  for lng cryogenic storage

Flame-retardant cryogenic insulation paper(compatibility with oxygen) :

The flame-retardant cryogenic insulation paper is made of super-thin glass wool,

which is produced in all -electrical kiln with blaze technology, by a peculiar

manufactory process.

The insulation paper is often composited with aluminum foil as a thermal insulation

material for using in the vacuum jackets of storage and transportation vessels for

cryogenic liquids(Liquid Hydrogen liquid oxygen, LNG, liquid Helium,

liquid Nitrogen and liquid Argon).Its advantage are flame-retardant  at open fire and with the best thermal insulation characteristic

(lower thermal conductivity, higher contact thermal resistance),low outgassing rate,

light weight, high uniformity and wide range of the application temperature:-269°C-800°C


Item  Unit  Index
Weight  g/m2  14±2.0
Thickness  mm   ≤0.06
Tensile Strength  KN/m  ≥0.03
Moisture  %  ≤1.0
Thermal Conductivity  w/mk  ≤1.35*10-4

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The utility model has the advantages that: (1) the utility model has the advantages of easy ignition, rapid combustion, high thermal efficiency, convenient adjustment of the flame size and convenient use;

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