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Product Description:

1 Specifications of Aluminum Profiles 6063-T5

Alloy Number

6063  6061  6060 and different aluminium alloy


T4  T5  T6 or other special status

Surface available

Mill finish, Anodized, Powder Coating, Wooden transfering, electrophoresis, heat insulation, PVDF, and deep processing







Special Specification is available on customer’s requirement

2 Usage/Applications of Aluminum Profiles 6063-T5

Aluminium Profiles are widely used in construction(windows & doors,curtain wall), decoration ( flooring and tiling, kitchen) and industry ( heat sink ).

CNBM produces aluminum profiles which meets the national standard GB5237.1-2008. Our strong quality control term bring you the most-qualified products. And with state-of-the-art equipment, and the state owned company background, we have to say, you will understand why there are so many company choose CNBM to be their supplier.

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Q:What's the material of aluminium pipe 6063?
The question you ask is like "what's the material of a steel pipe"? It's difficult to understand.6063 is the aluminum tube brand, its material certainly is the aluminum alloy.
Q:How smooth is the hollow aluminum tube bent?
New high performance polymer / metal composite tube bus (referred to as the new composite insulating tube type bus) system using a hollow tubular brass or aluminum conductors, with the new technology of three layer in polymer material special three layer coated on the outer surface of the tube, the inner shielding layer, an insulating layer, an outer shielding layer, shielding busbar insulation effect.
Q:Aluminum pipe oval what reason?
Can the United States control it? Don't issue so much Treasury debt and the United States has too much debt. Don't you worry that you can't afford a default?.
Q:How to weld aluminium pipe
3, WE53 low temperature aluminum strip for Aluminum Alloy 7 series of welding, welding temperature in 380-400 degrees, the advantage of welding does not need any auxiliary welding flux, thus preventing some residual flux in the process of welding, and the welding strength is very high, can solve the 3 line Aluminum Alloy and castings. Die casting or welding.
Q:Aluminum tube material
Aluminum tube is a kind of nonferrous metal pipe, which is made of pure aluminum or aluminum alloy and is extruded into a hollow metal tube with longitudinal length. English Name: alumin (I) um tube; alumin (I) um pipe may have one or more closed vias,
Q:What are the benefits of an aluminum tube cigar?
The best start glass tube, sealed to preserve the original flavor
Q:Heat treatment of aluminium tube material
For these Aluminum Alloy you said, in fact, we often say that the 4XXX series, 6XXX series, 5XXX series aluminum forging, antirust aluminum, 3XXX series, 2XXX series aluminum, aluminum 7XXX series, 7XXX series I've seen can be tempered (just to stress), other if there is no need to do heat treatment, but the aluminum can generally do hard oxidation hardening, but surface hardening, the hardness is not the core.
Q:What material can be used for welding aluminum copper tube?
Generality:Universal 51 has the remarkable ability to weld all white metals. White metal includes zinc (almost impossible to solder), copper lead alloy, tin lead alloy, aluminum and lead, etc.. Universal 51 can also be any of the above types of metal and copper, brass, steel, stainless steel or bronze and any other metal welding.Universal 51 flux:The soldering flux is made of white metal and will not corrode. It destroys the oxide layer and helps the universal 51 free flow. In this way, the electrode will completely wet and penetrate the surface of the base metal to form a smooth and strong welding layer.Simplify the welding and maintenance of zinc die castings:For a long time, people think that zinc die castings with ordinary electrode can not be welded, because can cause zinc die castings sagging and collapses before welding. To achieve the best results, use universal 51 time to use universal 51 flux.
Q:How to distinguish between copper tube or aluminum pipe?
If it is not installed, weighing, the copper tube is much heavier than the aluminum tube. There is opened the insulation pipe joint at 10 cm behind the place if there are traces of welding pipe, and the outside layer of plastic sheath wrapped, if it is, if not sure is aluminum, copper can be easily resolved. After installation, the air conditioner is only identified by the latter method.
Q:Tie rod box material...... Aluminium tube?
The pull rod aluminum alloy is the best and strongest. Fabric material has a very good material, is imported from Germany, curv material

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