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1 Specifications of Aluminum Profiles 6063-T5

Alloy Number

6063  6061  6060 and different aluminium alloy


T4  T5  T6 or other special status

Surface available

Mill finish, Anodized, Powder Coating, Wooden transfering, electrophoresis, heat insulation, PVDF, and deep processing







Special Specification is available on customer’s requirement

2 Usage/Applications of Aluminum Profiles 6063-T5

Aluminium Profiles are widely used in construction(windows & doors,curtain wall), decoration ( flooring and tiling, kitchen) and industry ( heat sink ).

CNBM produces aluminum profiles which meets the national standard GB5237.1-2008. Our strong quality control term bring you the most-qualified products. And with state-of-the-art equipment, and the state owned company background, we have to say, you will understand why there are so many company choose CNBM to be their supplier.

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Q:What happened to the mold sticking when drawing the aluminum pipe? How do you make the mold?
1. apply mold release agent on the mold.2. the necessary taper shall be taken into account in the design of the die.3. punch opening and exhaust hole.4. charging and discharging device.5. improve the mold finish.6. mold surface treatment of titanium.The main purpose of the mold surface treatment is to improve the surface hardness, wear resistance and corrosion resistance, etc., so as to improve the quality of mold products, and extend the service life of the die. Reasonable application of surface treatment technology to obtain high precision mold surface is the necessary condition of high precision and good surface quality products. The cost of the surface strengthening process is lower, but the service life of the die can be improved by 5~10 times or even several times, and the economic benefits are obvious.According to the present application status of China's mold surface treatment technology, I published by the user survey found that, at present, surface treatment technology of mold manufacturing enterprises mainly used or in surface hardening, carburizing / traditional nitrogen technology, electroplating and chemical plating technology, and these technologies have varying degrees of surface hardness distribution all the heat treatment deformation and other aspects of the problem difficult to solve. For the future technological transformation, the common concern is the application of new technologies, such as surface coating technology, TD coating treatment technology, laser surface strengthening technology and electron beam strengthening technology. Below we specially invited several industry technical experts, respectively, the user's attention to these deep into the discussion, and hope to benefit the general mold enterprise technical upgrading.
Q:How to weld air conditioning round aluminum tube
The above 3 solutions can be made of Q303 and WE53 welding wire, which can be welded with WE53 special liquefied gas porous spray gun.
Q:The difference between aluminium tubes 1060 and 6063
6063 Aluminum Alloy profile with its moderate plasticity, good heat treatment strength, good welding performance and anodic oxidation treatment, surface color gorgeous many advantages and is widely used in building materials, irrigation pipe, for the vehicle, bench, furniture, elevator, fence tube, rod, etc. profile.
Q:Is it better to choose a radiator, a copper tube or a steel tube?
If it is an industrial radiator, such as a boiler heat exchanger, it is a good steel tube.If it is household, of course, copper aluminum tube is good.You said radiator, use the occasion to be more specific.
Q:The major brands of air conditioners use aluminum tubes, and what uses copper tubes 50
1. Experts try to say more about the brand.It's not completely statistical. However, we can tell you that the price of nonferrous metals in raw materials has declined considerably in 2009 compared with the previous two years, which is close to the original price. As raw materials rose, manufacturers were competing to cut costs and to use cheap aluminium pipes. The defects of aluminium pipe are many, for example, easy folding section, flat die, difficult welding, short life, single use and so on. In particular, it is not accepted by the installation staff, and the users do not understand it. The contradiction is outstanding. However, aluminum tubes are available in fixed positions such as refrigerators and freezers. Air conditioning connections need to go bending, copper tube is better than the aluminum tube, manufacturers also see the pros and cons, and some manufacturers are still making up for this defect. This year the most brands of air conditioners are brass, who is not willing to die, aluminum air conditioning market basically is in the backlog.2. Which is better, copper or aluminum pipe?Obviously, the brass is good.Sincerely ask, do not copy.Keep your sincere, original copy.
Q:Can anodized aluminum 6061-T6 surface be oxidized?
The so-called T6 is a kind of heat treatment, the main process is rolling solid solution and aging, these steps is to let the inner Aluminum Alloy changed, the metal can reach high strength and long deformation, anodic oxidation of our workpiece can have better conductivity and not the impurity content of workpiece the 6061 is too high, a low impurity content of his aluminum alloy aluminum is much less than, so the conductivity of aluminum has good ductility and high anodic oxidation and chemical polishing, is a good choice.
Q:What is the difference between aluminium pipe and aluminium alloy pipe?
Aluminum tube refers to a pure aluminum or aluminum alloy by extrusion processing into its longitudinal length of hollow metal tubular material. There may be one or more closed through holes with uniform wall thickness and cross section to be delivered in a straight or coiled form. Widely used in automobiles, ships, aerospace, aviation, electrical appliances, agriculture, machinery and electrical, home and other industries.
Q:What's the best way to leak inside the refrigerator evaporator (aluminium pipe)? 10
There is a very simple method for aluminum weldingWith a good adhesive (polyurethane two parts glue) plus aluminum foil multilayer adhesive methodHope to help you.
Q:What's the material of aluminium pipe 6063?
The question you ask is like "what's the material of a steel pipe"? It's difficult to understand.6063 is the aluminum tube brand, its material certainly is the aluminum alloy.
Q:Which corrosion resistance is iron pipe and aluminium pipe?
The Al pipe is the iron tube againBecause the metal activity order table is: K, Ca, Na, Mg, Al, Zn, Fe, Sn, Pb (H), Cu, Hg,, Ag, Pt, AuAluminium is more iron than iron, so it is more active than iron, and PH=5 is acidThe activity of metals decreases gradually from strength to strengthSummary: 1. Only the metal placed in front of the H can displace the hydrogen in the acid2 only the metal in the front can displace the metal that is placed behind it from its salt solution

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