8x4 with 16ton crane for building construction and civil engineering

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20 unit/month

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Quick Details

·         Feature: Truck Crane

·         Condition: New

·         Application: field lifting,building construction and civil engineering

·         Rated Loading Capacity: 12600 kg

·         Rated Lifting Moment: 40 T.m

·         Max. Lifting Load: 16000 kg

·         Max. Lifting Height: 21 m

·         Span: 5.8 m

·         Place of Origin: Jiangxi, China (Mainland)

·         Model Number: HN5310P29D6M3JSQ

·         Certification: TX & CCC

·         Warranty: ONE YEAR

·         boom length: 18m

·         max lift capacity: 16000kg

·         slewing angle: 360 ratotion

·         Material: H60 steal

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Specification of HN5310P29D6M3JSQ  Crane Truck  


Manufacturer Name

Anhui Valin Auto Co., Ltd.



Vehicle Model


Chassis Model




Fuel Type


Engine Model


Emission Standard

GB3847-2005,GB17691-2005(China )

Capacity (ml)


Power (Kw)


Cargo Body Dimensions (LxWxH)


Overall Size



2065/2065, 1860/1860

Number of Leaf Spring


Tire Type

11.00R20 18PR(Steel wire)

Number of Tires


Wheelbase (mm)


Number of Axles


Gross Weight (kg)


Curb Weight (kg)


Rated Loading Capacity (kg)


Axle-load (kg)

6500/6500/18000 (double axle)

Cab Seats (person)


Max.speed (km/h)




Max.Flow of Hydraulic System

80 L/min

Rated Pressure of Hydraulic System

28 Mpa

Max.Lifting Capacity

16 T

Max.Lifting Moment

40 T.M

Max.Working Radius

15,18 M

Max.Lifting Height


Derricking Scope

1-70 °

Slewing Angle


Number of Booms

4,5 Sections

Outrigger Span

5.8 (m)

Oil Tank Capacity

200 L

Installation Space

1450 mm



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