3ZF-6 Cultivator dressing machine

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Product Description:

3ZF-6 Cultivator dressing machine

It is matched with wheeled tractor. being changed different working parts, It can perform cultivating, cutting straw, deep arranging, fertilizing, hilling, ditching, etc. Its row space, Cultivating depth, fertilizing weight, etc. all can be adjusted in bigger scope. Its construction is rational, using and servicing is facility.

Technical parameters:

Overall dimensions (mm)4600×1730×350
Power (KW)40~73
Tilling width (cm)460
Number of rows6
Spacing (cm)45-70
Distributing device formSlot wheel outside
Fertilizer box volume (L)70×3
Working depth (mm)30~120
Working speed (km/h)7~10
Pure work hours production (hm2 / h)1.6~2.0


Other Information

  At present we have more than 60 technicians, of which over 20 persons own senior professional posts.Our factory occupies an area of 98000 square meters, of which construction area takes up 61000 square meters. It owns 758 sets of equipments for production, and fixed assets are valued to be RMB75.37 million Yuan.


  Its main products include: Seeders, straw and stem choppers, Forage Storing Combiner , cultivating-fertilizers and subsoiler, totally 5 series, more than 50 models, of which 20 models more are supported and pushed by government. We have ISO9001 Certificate, our products are sold well in North, Northeast, Northwest of China, being popular in 26 provinces and regions around China. Our company owns the right to handle Import-export business, so in recent years our seeders are exported in batch to many countries, such as Zimbabwe,Nambia, Mari in Africa,and also countries in North America and Southeast Asia.

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Q:Do you want to pay land tax on agricultural machinery sales?
The first levy after the return, the first levy back, that is, that is, the first levy is the first reimbursement, according to the provisions of the implementation of the first levy back, the first levy back, that is, that is levied by the withdrawal of urban maintenance and construction tax and education fees are no longer refund
Q:Can you purchase agricultural machinery for management fees?
Fixed assets are non-monetary assets, such as houses, buildings, machinery, machinery and transportation, which are held for more than 12 months and have a certain value for the production of products, services, leasing or operation and management.
Q:Does the Agency for Agricultural Mechanization belong to civil servants?
But Sichuan, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and other provinces to water conservancy, called water and agricultural machinery, may be more administrative sequence of civil service units.
Q:Agricultural mechanization and its prospects for automation
I am a mechanical automation professional graduation, so to speak, the machinery industry to find a job is still very good to find (only boys), but the wages are generally not high, but also tired
Q:Agricultural Machinery Exhibition
Italian crop production, especially rice from the land till the cultivation, weeding, harvest and other 70 years have been achieved all the mechanized operations, other wheat, barley, corn, also realized the mechanization.
Q:Agricultural machinery farming machinery
Semi-mechanized seedling machine is completed by the machine ditching, casing and repression and other processes, and seedling and planted by the machine on the machine to complete the planting.
Q:Agricultural mechanization and its automation can test what certificate
Agricultural mechanization and its automation can test mechanical design engineers, machinery manufacturing engineers.
Q:What is the agricultural bureau?
(1) To carry out the policies and laws and regulations on agricultural mechanization, facilities, agricultural engineering and agricultural aviation work of the state, province and city, and to formulate policies and normative documents for the management of agricultural machinery in our city and formulate specific implementation rules and methods.
Q:Why can not agricultural mechanization be realized simultaneously in the socialist transformation of agriculture?
According to the actual situation and their own strength to achieve mechanization because the industry has not yet reached a certain level of development
Q:What are the policies of the Chinese government on agricultural mechanization?
The People's Republic of China Presidential Decree No. 16 The Law of the People's Republic of China on the Promotion of Agricultural Mechanization has been passed by the 10th meeting of the Standing Committee of the Tenth National People's Congress of the People's Republic of China on June 25, 2004 and is hereby promulgated.

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