3Z-4 Cultivator dressing machine

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3Z-4 Cultivator dressing machine

It is suitable for cultivating corn, cotton, soybean, sugar beet, etc. It can perform cultivating, ditching, riding, deep loosing, etc. It is rational structure. It is safe, durable, and high efficiency.


Technical parameters:

Model 3Z-4
Overall dimensions (mm) 1378×2950×1080
Driving force (kw) 18.4-29.4
Suitable rows spacing (mm)450-700
Cultivating paws 4
Ridging depth (mm) 80-150
Working speed (km/h) 6-7
Working efficiency (ha/h) 0.72-1.02
Net weight (Kg) 120















Other Information

  At present we have more than 60 technicians, of which over 20 persons own senior professional posts.Our factory occupies an area of 98000 square meters, of which construction area takes up 61000 square meters. It owns 758 sets of equipments for production, and fixed assets are valued to be RMB75.37 million Yuan.


  Its main products include: Seeders, straw and stem choppers, Forage Storing Combiner , cultivating-fertilizers and subsoiler, totally 5 series, more than 50 models, of which 20 models more are supported and pushed by government. We have ISO9001 Certificate, our products are sold well in North, Northeast, Northwest of China, being popular in 26 provinces and regions around China. Our company owns the right to handle Import-export business, so in recent years our seeders are exported in batch to many countries, such as Zimbabwe,Nambia, Mari in Africa,and also countries in North America and Southeast Asia.

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Q:What are the agricultural machinery?
Agricultural machinery is a relative concept, refers to agriculture, animal husbandry, forestry and fisheries all machinery, agriculture machinery is a category of agricultural machinery
Q:Are there any subsidies for agricultural machinery?
According to the national agricultural development needs and the national industrial policy, and fully consider the regional differences and the development of agricultural mechanization of the actual situation, to determine the scope of the central financial subsidies for the machine: farming machinery, planting fertilizer, field management machinery, harvesting machinery,
Q:July 13, 2017 to cancel the 13% VAT rate, the former agricultural machinery manufacturers 13% tax rate how to deal with?
From 1 July 2017, the VAT rate from four gears to 17%, 11% and 6% third gear, the abolition of 13% of the file rate; agricultural products, natural gas and other value-added tax rate from 13% to
Q:How high is the degree of agricultural mechanization in China?
The reason is that China's rural areas are still poor; the reasons for two, less land, per capita land area is small, manpower can be done, farmers certainly do not want to spend money with machinery; reason three, agricultural production is not high profits,
Q:Want to make a simple agricultural machinery
I engaged in agricultural machinery industry, because there is no capital, want to start from the small agricultural machinery, do not know which project is appropriate, good start.
Q:Agricultural mechanization and its automation can test what certificate
Mechanical design engineers: mechanical professional; familiar with the production of electronic equipment, general equipment and process; familiar with the PCB board design software and skilled use of AutoCAD and other mechanical design software; familiar with PLC and other programming control technology.
Q:Which unit is managed by the Agricultural Machinery Administration?
If it is not formally in the staff, it is necessary to ask the original unit personnel (political) section of the person or directly to the social and social inquiries.
Q:What is the current level of rural mechanization in China?
China's agricultural market not only has not been foreign brands monopoly, but also cultivate a number of strong competitors in the leading enterprises.
Q:Then I see a lot of agricultural machinery are still many years of use, who will manage it?
I see a phenomenon, farmers have just finished wheat, can grow a lot of wheat seedlings, I see an acre of land at least to miss wheat a hundred pounds, this machine can use it?
Q:Why does not China introduce a large number of agricultural machinery?
The status quo of our country is that most places can not adapt to the mechanization of scale

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