1JH-350Chop straw counters-field set

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1JH-350Chop straw counters-field set

1 jh - 350 chopped straw counters-field set can be used for grinding corn, wheat, sorghum, cotton crop straw. Stable and reliable performance, good crushing effect. The aircraft working parts for hammer claw or knife. Knives are coated with new wear-resisting material, long service life. And has the following advantages:

1. Hanging conveyor, optimal structure, strength

2. Increasing modulus for transmission gears, transmission more reliable

3. The gearbox output using auto transmission shaft, smooth operation, little vibration

4. Double side drive, smooth operation 



Technical parameters:

Main technical parameters:

Overall dimensions (cm) : 146 * 400 * 400
Machine net weight (kg) : 1280
Power (kW) : 88-118
Cylinder shaft speed (r/m) :1800
Homework width (cm) :350
Productivity (hm2 / h) :> 1.75
Number of hammer claw:32
Swing knife quantity:70 sets


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