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Features size(long × breadth × Gao)(millimeter)          7900×2360×3440
suitable      row spacing(Mm          550750
Work efficiency(acre/h)
The whole machine quality(1000 gram)                           5500
Seed grain broken up rate                           ≤1%
The seed grain loss leads                                 ≤2%

Main function characteristics

This machine adopts an ex- place type to take off a Sui set, the result width is bigger than motorcycle width the kit power, can open a way by oneself, carried out to harvest machine can from the in the field arbitrarily the position get into a homework and solved a traditional hang type corn result the machine have to be first opened the technique hard nut to crack of mowing the assistance passage by artificial.

②This machine adoption compulsorily stirs grain to feed a way and adds to place to hand taking off of grain pole match Sui organization and carried out at take off a Sui set is any to plant to go to be apart from inside the breadth scope of corn result, the adaptability consumedly raises;

Hand grain pole to next hang fruit Sui to have a moment to hand a positive function, specially imitate to go a lie type to take off Sui Gun consumedly lower next hang the broken up rate of fruit Sui;

The hydraulic control takes off the rise and fall of Sui set, settling the Chinese foot organization can arbitrarily control to take off leaving of Sui set a ground of cleft and save heart labor-saving, lower work strength;

The hydraulic controls fruit Sui box of inside out, can anywhere control a fruit Sui box at any time, convenience, fast, save time to save energy.

Hydraulic control return the height of farmland machine, settle the Chinese foot organization can arbitrarily control to smash the height of mowing the Chi, convenience, fast, save heart to save energy.

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Q:Corn combine harvesters in the ground how to walk the fastest work
Whether the preparatory work before the combine harvester is in place is directly related to the smoothness of the harvesting operation.
Q:What are the lol fencing harvesters?
There are two most unaware of the blade and the Promise Juggernaut their most have a effect when the killing will reduce their cd that means that as long as they find a residual blood to kill a lot of skills and output can be a few more
Q:How about the engine of the John Deere c110 harvester
The effect of harvesting lodging rice or rice cleanliness are far more than other models.
Q:How does the farm simulate how to open the harvesters in 2015?
Use W key to accelerate forward, AD key control direction, S key brakes and reversing.
Q:What is the current sugar cane combine harvester?
At present, foreign cutland sugar cane harvester has John Deere CH330 and Case A8000 type, A4000 type, the domestic mature sugar cane machine has Coria 4GZ-91 type, before Yunma Han Sheng also production, and later did not do for various reasons
Q:Harvesters harvest soy tips? How to reduce the loss?
Control the cutting table loss should be reduced from the leakage, fall branches and fried pods 3 start.
Q:How can the harvester be converted to fast harvest?
According to the specific model of your car to carry out the corresponding changes in some of the small, you just say a conversion that is very general, which are technical live
Q:Who invented the harvester?
Why the combine harvester first appeared in the United States and Australia, the following reasons can be explained.First of all, the two countries are very large scale of agriculture, the field is endless, so a fast harvesting farmers in the competition with his peers can occupy
Q:Corn harvester driver's license is what
At present, the People's Republic of China tractor driver license in the quasi-driving model code and quasi-driving regulations, R type: steering wheel self-propelled combine harvester, S-type: joystick self-propelled combine harvester, T-type: hanging combine harvester
Q:Ge50 harvester platinum wire engine black smoke is very serious
The mixture is mixed with the oil, or the oil grade is not used.

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