11KW YZTDseries for tower crane changing- poles multi -speed three-phase motor for tower crane

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 Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:   Carton/ Wooden box or according to customer's requirement

Delivery Detail:        Within 20 days after30% deposit

  1. Prompt Quotation, Competitive Price

  2. 100%tested, Guaranteed Quality, 100% copper wire,  Cold-rolled silicon steel sheet 

  3. Good performance. 

  4. Energy saving ,Long working life .

  5. motor with ISO9002-2000, CCC

YZTD Series is specially developed for tower crane and other construction machinery electric drives. It is up to the demand of  national standard GB755-87"the bisic technology demand of rotary electric motor"and industrial standard"YZTD variable poles multi speed three-phase motor for tower crane". the product's features are high speed ratio, low starting current, high starting torque, strong overload capacity, simply operation and convenient maintennance,etc.

 Detailed information:

  • Power range: 0.5-315kw.

  • Poles: 4//16/24.

  • Protecting level: IP44/IP54

  • Cooling way: IC411.

  • Installation way: B3 or customization.

  • Rated voltage: 380v / 440v.

  • Rated frequency: 50Hz/ 60Hz.

  • working method: high speed, medium speed S3-40%, low speed S3-25%.

  • Working temperature: F:-20°c to 40°c, H:  -20°c to 60°c .

  • Altitude:  lower than 1000m. 

  • Addition: Can be made according to your requirements


  • High efficiency and low energy consumption.

  • Low noise and vibrate.

  • Simple operation.

  • Easy maintenance.

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Q:MATLAB for ac asynchronous motor simulation
Is produced by the American MathWorks company business mathematical software MATLAB, for algorithm development, data visualization, data analysis and numerical calculation of senior technical computing language and interactive environment, mainly including two most of MATLAB and Simulink. MATLAB is very extensive!
Q:Soybean milk machine ac motor or dc motor
The question you asked is interesting. It's not an ac motor or a dc motor. Soybean milk machine motors are high-speed motors, which are slow and can't be used to make soybean milk. Motor, on the soybean milk machine is ac/dc motor commutator with the belt, not for the purpose of using this motor ac/dc, but in order to realize high speed rotation.
Q:Calculation method of motor torque
The characteristic of dc motor is that the lower the speed, the greater the torque, and the variable frequency motor is constant torque at lower rated speed, so it cannot be equivalent. Only by analyzing the operating condition of the system, the condition of the constraint can be made correctly.
Q:Why is the ac motor chain divided by time is voltage
The voltage base value is equal to the impedance base times the current base value, The impedance basis value is equal to the inductance base on the angular frequency basis, So, the voltage base is equal to the inductance basis times the angular frequency basis times the current base value,
Q:Can ac motors be used to speed control?
Only the frequency converter motor can be used to adjust the speed of the transducer, and the ordinary motor can not be adjusted by the transducer. But it's ok to start ac motors with a frequency converter. Because when the speed is low, the ventilation of the electric motors deteriorates, and the fever is severe enough to keep working.
Q:Is the mainstream subway car traction motor, ac or dc?
The main advantage of dc motors is that dc motors can achieve "smooth and economical speed adjustment"; The speed adjustment of dc motor does not require the cooperation of other equipments, but by changing the voltage/current of the input, or the excitation voltage/current to speed the adjustment. Ac permanent magnet synchronous speed adjustment is achieved by changing the frequency, requiring the frequency converter. Dc motors do not need other equipment to help speed the adjustment, but their structure is complex and the manufacturing cost is easily damaged (especially by the brush). Before large power controllable thyristor is used in large quantities, dc motor is used for most speed adjustment.
Q:What is the power of ac motor
Two phase 380V ac motor: the rated power of the two phase 380V ac motor is the rated voltage by the rated voltage (s)
Q:What happens to the capacitance of ac motor
The starting capacity of a single phase ac motor is not too large, and the oversize will cause the start torque Angle to deviate from the maximum, and the secondary winding current consumption increases. Too small to start the motor, the motor will not run for a long time!
Q:How does ac motor winding be classified?
There are many kinds of ac motor winding, which are divided by phase and single phase and three-phase winding. It has a single layer winding and a two-layer winding. The single layer winding is the same type, single chain, cross chain and cross. Double layer winding and wave winding; The number of slots in each phase of each phase is an integer or a fraction, and there are two forms of slot and fraction. But the principles of the winding are consistent.
Q:What is the regulation method of ac motor? What are the different features
Frequency changer: stable, adjustable speed according to need, which is the development direction of future ac motor. (FM) 2, star, delta transform, generally in large motor start with star, triangle operation, reduce the starting current. In addition, it is a two-speed, three-speed motor, which increases the winding, which mainly changes the order of the stator winding to change the speed. The change in rotational speed has two factors: the magnetic poles and the frequencies

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