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Enhanced Power
  1100 series engines are developed based on the original 1000 series, through cooperation with Austrian AVL, adopted 4-Valve technology, by strengthening key structural parts and moving parts,such as, cylinder block, cylinder head, crankshaft, connecting rod etc. The power performance is increased significantly.
  Low Fuel Consumption
  European patent combustion chamber can reduce fuel consumption, emission and noise, meanwhile raise engine power.
  Good Performance Of Cold Start
  Start normally at -10℃ without preheating device. Start smoothly at -25℃ through flame preheating device. 
  Ambient Temperature
  The engine is workable under 55℃.

Main parameters

Prime power(Kw)1500rpm 158.4 Standby power(Kw)1500rpm 174

Prime power(Kw)1800rpm 174 Standby power(Kw)1800rpm 191.7

Cylinder number 6 Cylinder arrangement In line

Bore x stoke(mm) 100mmX127mm Displacement(L) 5.98

Aspiration: Turbocharged & air-to-air intercooled Cycle: 4-stroke

Combustion system: Direct injection Compression ratio: 17.5:1

Total lubrication capacity(L) 19.3 Total coolant capacity(inc. radiator) (L) 36.3

Overall dimensions LxWxH(mm) 1803x 911x 1234 Dry weight(Kg): 800

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