1/2" Super Flexible Jumper Cable, DIN male-DIN male, 1m

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100 pc
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10000 pc/month

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Product Description:

Structure of 1/2" Super Flexible Jumper Cable, DIN male-DIN male, 1m:

1. Raw material of 1/2" Super Flexible Jumper Cable, DIN male-DIN male, 1m: copper insert, PE.

2. Product color of 1/2" Super Flexible Jumper Cable, DIN male-DIN male, 1m: black.

3. Usage of 1/2" Super Flexible Jumper Cable, DIN male-DIN male, 1m: connect with antenna and feeder cable.

Main Features of the 1/2" Super Flexible Jumper Cable, DIN male-DIN male, 1m:

RF Jumper cable for cell sites. 

1/2" superflex with 7/16 Male DIN connector. 

Qualified technical data.


  • High pull-off strength

  • Excellent V.S.W.R performance.

  • Low and stable intermodulation.

  • Weatherproof

Images of 1/2" Super Flexible Jumper Cable, DIN male-DIN male, 1m:




Specification of 1/2" Super Flexible Jumper Cable, DIN male-DIN male, 1m

Dielectric Strength
Operating Voltage1.5KV

Company Certificates:

1/2" Super Flexible Jumper Cable, DIN male-DIN male, 1m

ISO9001 Quality System Certification

ISO14001 Environmental Control System Certification

OHSAS18001 Occupational Safety and Health Management System Certification

FAQ of 1/2" Super Flexible Jumper Cable, DIN male-DIN male, 1m:


1. Q:What is the cable used for?

   A:Jumper cable is suitable for connecting with antenna and feeder cable.

2. Q: What is the MOQ?

   A: 100 pc.

3. Q: What is the lead time of the product?

   A: 5-20 days after payment

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Q:Is the shield of the control and communication cables grounded or grounded at both ends?
In fact, the best shielding ground, but can not be achieved, only two grounding.
Q:Will it be possible to tie up the communication cables along the roof lightning belt?
The paint protection layer or 0.5 mm thick asphalt layer or 1 mm thick PVC layer do not belong to the insulating coating.Color steel roof and steel roof truss can be used as a grounding device, such as a parapet should also set lightning with a wall in her.A steel column for reinforcing or reinforcing steel structures in a structure.Correction coefficients may be adjusted when lightning strikes are calculated.The earthing part can be used as a lightning protection device and grounding device
Q:Is it possible to use 485 communication cables over 1000 meters in length?
Add repeaters (due to delay, the number is not greater than 8). Feasible, but the repeater shall be supplied separately, and a composite cable with signal and power lines may also be used.
Q:Excuse me, can the cable be packaged with PET plastic belt now?
PET steel strip is now mainly used for the purchase of plastic steel band cable, but now there are many used for the use of cable PET bag, mainly in such a belt, the price is relatively low.
Q:R485 interface, MODBUS protocol for communication cables, is a few cores, how wiring?
Most of them are made of 2 core wires: A/+, B/- (preferably shielded twisted pair) shielded wire ground.These are possible when using the 4 core line:1. leave a pair of wires in reserve;2. add a pair of relay power lines;3. consider instead of RS422 full duplex communication. (some interfaces are compatible with 485 and 422422 and require 4 lines.)
Q:Seek the hardware connection equipment, network card and communication cable in the computer network. Urgent!
The personal computer is a small network, a variety of input devices (keyboard, mouse, handwriting, Mike, scanner, camera, digital camera, etc.) the output device (monitor, printer, projector, audio, etc.), data calculation unit (CPU CPU), storage (memory, hard disk, U disk, CD-ROM the memory card, etc.) through the computer motherboard and the adapter (video card, sound card, including a card, and some have been integrated on the motherboard) connected together. The network can be viewed as separating and amplifying the functional components of a computer. With the development of computer technology, the network is developing constantly. Because of the development of network, the human being's production and life are being influenced more and more deeply. Intelligent mobile phone (handheld computer), intelligent home appliances, home appliances and other cloud is the personal computer (PC) to extend the application, network computing, network storage, network printing (SkyDrive) and a new generation of faster communication transmission technology, so people gradually out of the shackles of the desktop. The Internet is everywhere, and the Internet is the computer.
Q:What are the differences between power cables or telecommunication cables?
Telecommunication cable: a cable used primarily for transmitting telephone, telegraph, facsimile documents, television and radio programs, data and other electrical signals. Twisted by one or more wires insulated from each other. Compared with the overhead of communication cable, communication capacity, transmission has the advantages of high stability, good secrecy, less affected by natural conditions and disturbance etc.. Generally, it can be divided into local communication cables, long distance symmetrical cables, coaxial cables, submarine cables, optical fiber cables, radio frequency cables and so on.
Q:How many meters is the construction communication cable to be insulated?
In the telecommunication engineering budget, the cable hook is placed about 50CM, to be exact, there are 2060 cable hooks per 1KM cloth.
Q:Does the telephone line have anything to do with the cable?
The so-called do not damage or break the cable network, refers to the communication cable is damaged or broken, with the phone line in your home to share Internet access, which is usually what we call the cat ADSL Internet, if the customer service reply to you is a cable damaged voice communication line, it is best to wait patiently.
Q:Is the communication cable the same as the power cord?
N root (according to the actual situation) insulation together with fine copper or fiber medium, usually in the insulation inside there is a layer of electromagnetic isolation metal mesh, and thick line power line is a copper or aluminum external insulation, with the eyes can be easily distinguished

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