Exclusive Buyer Services

Real-time quoting

OKorder.com aims to provide convenient and effective trading process to customers worldwide. Thus OKorder.com enables real-time quotes for all products online. To get the real-time quotes, you just simply complete the quote computing box, then you can get the real quote. Make sure your selection of amount, port, etc. is right.

OKorder.com’s product managers are responsible for managing product information and updating the quotation of every product as long as it changes.

Professional customer service

OKorder.com are passionate about maintaining high service levels throughout your experience on OKorder.com from browsing products to receiving goods.

OKorder.com has professional customer service team providing 24/7 service. You can choose to email, to call or use our online chatting app to contact OKorder.com. You can find the contact ways on “contact us” page.

Online tracking

OKorder.com enables the online tracking covering the entire trading process. Whether your order is in production or ready to shipping—all you need is check on your OKorder.com.

OKorder.com updates system for you to check your order’s information online.

At OKorder.com, trading is that simple and quick. It saves the time and energy you spend and secures your product safety.

As your order is dispatched and the tracking number is provided on your OKorder.com account, you can directly track the delivery details on the order tracking page.

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