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The CNBM Group (China National Building Materials Group) was ranked amongst the “World Top 500” for the third time by its operating revenue of US$ 34.46 billion in 2013, and it was ranked the 319th place, 46 places ahead of its position of last year. Among these building materials enterprises of “World Top 500”, the CNBM Group was ranked the second place.

With significant influence in the industry, the CNBM Group is listed on Fortune Global 500 for two consecutive years (2012-2013) as the second largest building material group in the world. The CNBM Group is a state-owned enterprise and the largest building materials firm in China. As of the end of 2013, CNBM’s total assets exceeded US $600 billion, with 180,000 employees, and 20 companies under direct management with 100% share control or majority control, among which six were listed companies, including two overseas listed.

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