White soft absorbent plain spunlace nonwoven fabrics

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viscose + pet, 100% viscose or others

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Packaging Detail:standard stretch wrapping film
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Whte soft absorbent plain spunlace nonwoven fabrics

White soft absorbent plain spunlace nonwoven fabrics



Spunlaced Series

Unperforated Spunlaced Fabric
Apertured Spunlaced Fabric
Wood-pulp Laminated Spunlaced Fabric
Dyeing and Printing Spunlaced Fabric
Natural Color Cotton Spunlaced Fabric
Transferred Printing Spunlaced Fabric
Elastic Spunlaced Fabric
Soybean Protein Fibre Spunlaced Fabric




household:baby wipe, disposable napkin wet wipe, cloths and wraps for beauty and cosmetic, disposable tissue
medical nonwoven:medical gauze,gown, bandage, wound cushion, soft towel rolls, wiping rolls, shoe/sleeve/ cover 
industry wipe:surgical articles, wipers for electron industry, industrial protective nonwovens

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Q:What are the materials of cashmere and cotton more comfortable?
Sanded (Mo Mao) is a kind of fabric dyeing after finishing technology is through some technical means in a relatively smooth surface grinding out a layer of hair, so feel soft and comfortable, warm and better, of course the price is a little higher.
Q:What are the similarities and differences of modal and cotton underwear fabric cotton Lycra?
Modal (Modal) is Austria Lenzing (Lenzing) developed by the high wet modulus of regenerated cellulose fiber, the fiber raw materials used in the European beech, first made into pulp, and then through the process of spinning fiber. All raw materials of this product are natural materials, harmless to human body, and can be naturally decomposed, harmless to the environment. There is no pollution in the whole production process of the fiber.
Q:100 what's the fabric of Dacron?
Polyester fiber is an important variety of synthetic fiber, and it is the product name of polyester fiber in china.
Q:What are the advantages and disadvantages of polyester clothes?
Polyester suede fabric polyester fabric is a new one, or as a fine denier polyester fiber as raw material, by special finishing fabric cloth to form fine polyester suede fabric short hair, called suede fabric, generally non-woven fabric, woven fabric, knitted fabric as base cloth. With soft texture, fine hair style full elastic, feeling rich, strong and durable. Senior deerskin common are artificial, man-made and man-made high-quality deerskin suede ordinary three. Suitable for women's clothing, senior dress, jacket, suit coat, etc..
Q:What are the fabric of jeans?
Denim (Denim), also known as denim, is a coarse, thick, yarn dyed, warp faced denim.
Q:What is the al-baq'a?
Alpaca from a "Alpaca" (also known as "al-baq'a") of the animal, the animal grows mainly in the Andes of Peru. The Andes are 4500 meters above sea level, with a great temperature difference between day and night, -20 to -18 degrees in the night, and 15~18 degrees in the daytime. The radiation of the sun is strong, the atmosphere is thin and the wind is cold. An alpaca that lives in such a harsh environment, of course, its hair resists extreme temperature changes. Alpaca can not only moisturizing, can effectively resist solar radiation, alpaca fiber containing medullary cavity visible under the microscope, so its performance is better than that of warm wool, cashmere and mohair.
Q:How to choose dress fabric?
If you want to buy a good lace, you should first touch the softness of the lace fabric, which is the most important. In addition, carefully observe whether the process is consistent, flowers, three-dimensional sense of the delicate degree, to ensure that there is no defect. The best fabric contains a little spandex (elastic) components, increase the flexibility of fabrics, lace fabric with these characteristics as the top grade.
Q:What's the difference between knitting cotton and pure cotton?
Although knitted cotton and cotton look very similar in appearance, but the fabric itself has a certain difference. First, from the view of the characteristics of two kinds of fabrics, knitted cotton is characteristic of good dyeability, color fastness and fastness are relatively high, wearing comfort and absorption degree are similar and cotton and pure cotton, but no good elasticity, and is not very acid. Pure cotton is characterized by better moisture absorption and high comfort.
Q:What cloth does not fade?
Only polyester (that is, polyester) can be guaranteed. This is because dyeing with disperse dyes and dyeing polyester only, disperse dyes, color fastness is very good, they are in high temperature more than 125 DEG C, macromolecular polyester in the mosaic into the void, after the temperature down, firmly stuck in the inside of the fiber, not loose.
Q:How to wash silk fabric trousers?
Ice silk variety, it is recommended to check the laundry before washing labels. Some varieties should not be washed, flowery satin, brocade, satin, silk, the ancient incense incense, Tianxiang crepe velvet; some varieties suitable for dry cleaning, such as velvet, Zhangrong, georgette; some can be washed, wash before soak in cold water for about 10 minutes, the soaking time should not be too long. Washing in cold water or warm water, not long time soaking; gentle pinch wash, avoid rubbing vigorously. Choose light gear when washing machine. Dark colors usually fade;

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