Wheel mini loader with bucket capacity of 0.6 m3

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Product Description:

Product features

    • Rated Load :1200kg

    • Bucket capacity:0.6m³

    • Break out force:36kn

    • Rated Power: 37KW

    • Rated Speed: 2500rpm

Product description

1.0 Engine Details

(1) Model: Changcai 4L68

(2) Engine type: In-line arrangement, water-cooled, four-cycle diesel Engine

(3) Rated Power: 37KW (50.32H.P.)

(4) Rated Speed: 2200 r/min (rpm)

(5) Fuel Consumption ratio in standard working condition: 230g/kw.h

2.0 Transmission System

(1) Type: Fixed-spindle Power shift

(2) Shift gear control oil pressure: 1.2~1.5MPa

(3) Rated input speed: 2500 (rpm)         

3.0 Bucket

(1) Bucket Capacity: 0.6 m3

(2) Bucket width: 1700mm

(3) Bucket type: Heavy-duty bolt on teeth

(4) Max. Breakout Force: 36KN

(5) Rated Load: 1200kg

(6) Operating Weight: 3100kg

4.0 Overall Dimensions

(1) Overall Length (Bucket on ground position): 4800mm

(2) Overall Height

(a) Ground to Cab Top: 2720mm

(b) Ground to exhaust pipe: It is below from the top of cabin

(c) Dumping Height: 2650mm

(3) Overall Width: 1730mm

5.0 Operating Specifications

(1) Steering System: Articulated Frame with hydraulic power steering

(2) Min Turning Radius: 4500mm

(3) Driving System: Hydraulic converter

6.0 Brake System

(1) Service Brake: Four Wheel Hydraulic spread-shoed brake

(2) Parking Brake: Hand operated 

7.0 Tyre

(1) Model:11.00-16 (2) Width: 24cm(3) Diameter: 87cm

8.0 Wheelbase: 2005mm

9.0 Track: 1400mm

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