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Product Description:

Buy umbrellas key inspection items:

1 switching performance checks. An umbrella in hand, we must first parachute flexible, an open ceiling, not blocked, do not fall; shut umbrella light, a close enough. Umbrella off circle umbrellas (rod) should be on the head of the Muslim umbrella freely moved away and lock open. Switch parts are not failures, not falling. When using automatic umbrella, not self-start key button. Since opening speed should be fast but not fierce, all powerful. When closing off the rally should not be too heavy.

2 umbrella inspection. Busan applications are dedicated umbrella twill weave fabric, and flat tight, heavy rain does not leak, no pollution, no holes, no jump yarn. Stitches evenly thin solid, consistent color, flower shape, stripes stitching similar. Nylon Busan surface should be coated with a water-resistant resin glue, heavy rain does not leak, no obvious defects and leakage of plasma weaving, nor shall there be light through the phenomenon of star point. When the umbrella is opened, an umbrella should be plump and beautiful, not pot dish was `'or` deep bowl'.

3 umbrella checks. Umbrella should not rusty, flexible, feel soft and hard moderate, close behind should be close to the umbrella pole, rivet connections should be flexible and moderate, finishing without thorns.

4. other parts inspection. Umbrella pole should be round and bright, no glitches, no shelling, Desoldering, exclusion bifida abnormal. The exposed top of the face should be flat and not sharp, light without holes. Umbrellas should be handsome in appearance, firm does not move, defend hand-made and so comfortable. In addition, the parachute, the relevant section shall not shake loose hair, hair floating feeling.

Second, the umbrella of the proper use of methods:

1 parachute

① Remove the umbrella cover, umbrella buckle open, jitter umbrella, making it even opened.

② hand in umbrellas button at [Note] Do not hold the button pushed upward until the card firmly to the top of the umbrella, umbrella distraction will shake to see whether the firm

2 umbrella

① umbrella at the handle button, push the button, the umbrella is folded up.

② After folded, umbrella umbrella bone together to get care, and then one by one along the crease umbrella leaf straightened, folded umbrella in one direction page, find umbrellas buckle, buckle down umbrella umbrella leaves from the middle caught, you can wear the belt taut umbrella umbrella leaves revolution around the mouth. When put umbrella cover, clockwise down, you can easily mount umbrella sets.

[Features] 1 ﹑ mobility: advertising umbrella has a go, would be where the advantages of advertising;

            2 ﹑ inexpensive: advertising umbrella advertising investment has low cost, the manufacturing process faster, deep impression on consumers, etc.;

            3, advertisement for a long time: advertising umbrella of long life, long-term corporate advertising, is a reliable, efficient way of publicity;

            4, with a cloudy cover wind, rain rain, sunny shade features, is an essential daily necessities;

[Printing Features]: imported ink, precision screen printing fragmented electricity, no color, no bleaching.

Price: Negotiable (depending on the specific needs of customers and the number of printed styles may be).

Product Name: [patio umbrella]

Origin: Shanghai

Brand: Hailang day umbrella

Size: Diameter 2.4 / 3.0 / 4.0M * 8 bone

Material: fiber bone, steel wire, iron skeleton surface spray

Fabric: 210 / 420D Oxford cloth, 150/180 g polyester tarpaulin

Weight: 15/18 / 28KG

Accessories: Cross base, for marble base, another operator base price.

logo printing: Provides information according to the customers, our company can help free design.

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