Tractor Truck Ud 6X4 Euro IV 370-420HP

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Tractor Truck Ud 6X4 Euro IV 370-420HP 

Product Details

Basic Info.

Model NO.:UD tractor


Transmission Type:Manual



Load Capacity:31-40t

Emission Standard:Euro 4


Drive Wheel:6×4




Engine Capacity:>8L


Tire Type:Solid Tire

Tire Certification:ISO


Tire Design:Radial



Brand:Nissan Ud

Total Weight:25000kg


Rated Load:16225kg

Curb Weight:8775kg


Fuel Type:Diesel

Axles Number:3


Wheel Base:3200+1370/3400+1370

Axles Load:7000/18000


Steel Spring Number:3/9

Tire Number:10


Export Markets:Global

Additional Info.




Production Capacity:50000PCS/Year

Product Description

Driving Type
Wheel Base (mm)
Overall Length (mm)
Overall Width (mm)
Overall Height (mm)
WheelspanFront (mm)2020
Rear (mm)1836
Displacement (L)10.8
Max Output (kw)280
Max Output (HP)370

Announcement ModelDND4250WA32Announcement Batch256
Rated Load(kg)16225Total Weight(kg)25000
Curb Weight(kg)8775Fuel TypeDiesel
Emmission StandardEuro IVAxles Number3
Front/Rear Suspension1460/805Axle Load7000/18000
Steel Spring Number3/9Tyre Number10
Tyre Size315/80R22.5 16PR,   295/80R22.5 16PRApproach/Departure Angle14/43
Front Wheelspan2020Rear Wheelspan1836/1836
Top Speed(km/h)120Max Weight of Semi Trailer(kg)40000

Tractor Truck Ud 6X4 Euro IV 370-420HP

Tractor Truck Ud 6X4 Euro IV 370-420HP

Q:What is a tractor, what is a trailer, half hung, all hung difference, what is dump truck?
The semi - trailer is only a tractor - driven car with a long carriage, and the tractor head and carriage are split.
Q:Common troubles of eight dump trucks after the first four days
Then slowly release the clutch at the same time, gradually refueling, the car will lift up, pay attention to the throttle, not too big, not too small, medium speed best. At this point, the car began to rise, pay attention to observe whether the car tilted, or immediately set off the clutch pedal, stop lifting, in case of rollover.4. when the carriage is lifted up, relax the hand lift valve to neutral position, when the carriage stops.
Q:The 15 ton truck (dump truck), empty and loaded with about 100 km fuel consumption respectively?
Look at the horsepower, the single axle car, like Dongfeng 153, Cummins 190 horsepower, empty car hundred public consumption, about 18 liters or so, loaded full should be about 25 liters
Q:How much do you charge for a heavy truck after the eight round? Can you buy it in installments? What's the procedure?
If you pay by installments, you have to pay 3-4, not bad money on the whole section of the purchase, the monthly staging is difficult to get, and the general earthwork is settled by the end of the year
Q:C1 can I drive the dump truck?
Dump truck suspension green license issued by the Bureau of agricultural machinery, need a professional class G driver's license can.
Q:Who can tell me, Shanqiaolong 290 truck, how can smooth the shift shift,
The foot clutch downshift on the back, then lift the clutch with oil clutch down into you to cut into stalls. As for the size of the empty oil, it depends on the speed and the height of the gear. It's just a question of practice, practice, practice, habits become natural.
Q:Can the flat semi-trailer of 10 meter 05 be container?
Classification according to driving mechanism characteristics1 wheeled vehicle2 vehicles of other types of driving mechanisms. Such as tracked cars, sled cars, air cushion, no wheel cars, etc.You say "MPV SUV" is the modern car manufacturers to respond to the market, is divided by the use of features, the general car according to displacement points, buses by length, trucks and off-road vehicles according to the auto weight points. As for the muscle car you say, it is a visual impact caused by the flow mechanics of the car itself. It does not belong to the car classification itself. Such as Lamborghini. Usually a sports car series. A sports car belongs to a car, and also to a road vehicle. There is a difference between academic classification and realistic segmentation.
Q:What is the name of the dump truck
Dumpers called tipper.The dump truck is a kind of special hopper tippable short haul transportation vehicle. The body is fitted with a bucket shaped container that can be turned over to facilitate unloading. The utility model is suitable for short distance transportation of various bulk materials, such as sand, earth, coal, ore, etc., with strong powerUsually has mechanical back bucket function.
Q:Is the dump truck free of vice beams or attached beams?
In the road stability and reduce weight, fuel-efficient, is no vice Liang good, manufacturers are pursuing these two points only developed without auxiliary beam dumper.
Q:How do you prevent the dump truck from tilting when unloading?
Don't use the heavy lifting car to slam the brakes and unload the cargo.Due to fierce car large inertial force (usually 5~20 times the rated lift), extremely easy to cause permanent deformation, and pay for the carriage frame frame welding, burning oil seals, damage or destruction of hydraulic cylinder damage, reduce the service life of the vehicle, there will be serious car accident. Therefore, the general dump truck is forbidden to lift when driving.

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