Thick Sheet Vacuum Forming Machine

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Detailed Product Description of  Thick Sheet Vacuum Forming Machine FJL-2300/1200


This vacuum forming machine to produce ABS plastic container, like egg tray, thick sheet board etc

Purpose of this thick plastic thermoforming machineis to produe ABS plastic incubators. Dimension: 2300(MM)x 1200(MM)x550(MM)(Length x width x height),thickness of theplastic piece: 1~8mm, Row Material: thermoplasticmaterials, such as ABS, PE,PS,PET etc.



I. Basic parameters of  Thick Sheet Vacuum Forming Machine FJL-2300/1200

1, Biggest effetive heating area:(2300MM×1200MM)

2, Molding forming height: 550MM

3, Electric Oven: quartz heating panel, onecontroller per piece.

4, Temperature control: temperature controlmodule.

5,Automatic electric oven: automatic cooling Artificial Loadinga and unloading fan, powered by air tank, make sure electricoven works stable and efficent.

6, Power supply: 380V/50HZ

7, Production speed: 20~40piece/min (Artificial Loadingaandunloading) 30~60piece/min(AutomaticLoadingaand unloading)

8, Compressed air usage: 0.8M3/min9, Air presure:0.6~0.8Mpa10, Vaccumdegree: -0.06~-0.09MP11, Max output of the equipment:approx. 182KW(aircompressor not included) Increasepower:7KW(AutomaticLoadingaand unloading).


II. Cooling process of  Thick Sheet Vacuum Forming Machine FJL-2300/1200

AutomaticLoadinga and unloading Two wideangle fans, 4 pcs of automatic spray colling, molding temperature controlmachine.


III. Basic configuration of  Thick Sheet Vacuum Forming Machine FJL-2300/1200








Air Tank



PLC. Touch Screen



Auxiliary Relay



Solenoid Valve (with vaccum)



Magnetic Switch



AC Contactor



Infrared Heating Panel



Vacuum Pump



Power Control

Lanson (china)


Automatic spary heat

Japan Meiji



3300X3600X3800(Artificial Loadinga andunloading)6200X3600X3800 (AutomaticLoadingaand unloading)




5300KG(Artificial Loadinga andunloading)


6500KG(AutomaticLoadinga andunloading)

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Q:Blister machine, heater and thermostat do not go on, what is to do?
Check the temperature of the heating part of the machine. Temperature check sensor, no temperature check electric heating element
Q:Vacuum suction machine Blister PVC film temperature is generally?
Vacuum suction machine Blister PVC temperature:Because of the poor thermal stability of PVC, long time heating will lead to decomposition and release of HCL gas to make PVC change color, so its range of application is narrow and the service temperature is usually between 15~55 degrees. According to the material characteristics and thickness, blister temperature can generally be 200-550 degrees celsius.Plastic forming technology, that is, plastic sheet (sheet) material hot forming processing technology, is one of the two plastics processing industry technology. It is different from the injection molding, extrusion of a process, not for the plastic resin particles or by heating the molding or die with the same cross section continuous molding; they do not use the machine tool, machining method of mechanical part of the plastic material cutting down, get to the shape, size, but for the plastic sheet (board) material, heating, the mold, vacuum or pressure plate (plate) material to deformation, shape and size requirements, with matching process, application purpose. Plastic forming equipment includes clamping system, heating system, vacuum and compressed air system and molding parts.
Q:What is thick film blister?
[thick] refers to the use of professional plastic machine, with thermoplastic sheet as raw material, through the oven heated to the softening temperature, then the vacuum action through plastic sheet and plastic mold, the plastic sheet of thermoplastic plastic molding in the state of adsorption on the mold surface, machining process and cooling molding the.
Q:Acrylic blister machine technical parameters
Overall size (CM): 320*220*200 (L * w * h)The maximum work area (CM): 300*200 (infinite length) the maximum depth of plastic (CM): 35 working voltage (V): 380/50 (T): 0.2-20t system pressure (adjustable) weight of equipment (T): 2.2t heating plate thickness (mm): 3-20 maximum heating power (kw): 7-15kw heating temperature ('C): normal temperature -400
Q:With vacuum suction machine for leather, plastic suction always open, going on!
Pad up and pad up to 2 centimeters,Chasing the answerWhere are you from?
Q:Blister ambry door door is good, how is quality of blister door door good and bad to come to an appraisal?
3, blister door surface treatmentSurface treatment is related to the overall image of the finished blister board. If the orange peel phenomenon is serious, the whole door panel looks darker (orange peel refraction light), and the high light blister door panel is very obvious on this point.4, blister door work problemsThis is the easiest problem to cause trouble during use. Mainly manifested in the adsorption edges, if this piece of plastic glue phenomenon, the cabinet door in the process of using water absorption may occur deformation and cracking problem of PVC peridiolum itself. The choice can be used with some force to pull the fingernails PVC film and sheet sticking part, good workmanship (including gum and sticking glue good) plastic plate does not appear with little strength to pull down the phenomenon.Through the above introduction of plastic cupboard door is good and the quality of plastic door how to discern the content, you must have a deeper understanding on plastic cupboard door, after the purchase of the cabinet, and even businesses you can blow a murky sky over a dark earth, not as steady as Mount Tai by businesses, about your will and awareness of the plastic door.
Q:Cooling tower filler molding machine which produce?
I also want to buy a cooling tower filling machine A friend who wants to know can tell!
Q:Export commodity code for injection molding machine and plastic suction machine
84771010.90 single 84771010.90 double color injection molding machine 84771010.90 closed-loop control automatic injection molding machine 84771010.90 double slide vertical injection molding machine 84771010.90 micro high speed precision injection molding machine 84771010.90 full automatic computer injection molding machine 84771010.90 vertical injection molding machine 84771010.90 vertical injection molding machine screw 84771010.90 second-hand injection molding machine 84771010.90 injection molding machine injection molding machine 84771010.90 parts 84771010.90 rotary injection machine 84771010.90 single step type compatibilizing injection molding machine 84771010.90 computer injection molding machine 84771010.90 plate injection molding machine 84771010.90 open type injection molding machine 84771010.90 PET preform injection molding machine 84771010.90 automatic computer vertical injection molding machine 84771010.90 The injection molding machine 84771010.91 slide type injection molding machine 84771010.91 variable pump injection molding machine 84771010.91 bakelite injection molding machine 84771010.91 quantitative pump injection molding machine 84771010.91 rotary injection molding machine injection molding machine 84771010.91 84771010.91 vertical injection molding machine 84771010.91 small injection molding machine 84771010.91 horizontal injection molding machine 84771010.91 vertical injection molding machine precision injection molding machine 84771010.91
Q:How to look at the quality of fully automatic blister machine
Plastic suction machine is basically the same, mainly depends on the quality of accessories, some domestic, some imported, such as spray gun what brand, heating brick what brand?. Fever is an important part of the temperature is uneven, rely on it. In addition, the material is beam track with enough hard, this place is easy to wear.
Q:Acrylic plastic suction machine after-sales service
Under normal use, the main equipment and components are guaranteed free of charge for one yearI plant free training, home installation, debugging. Hite brand molding machine - model LV1 specifications 1.5X1.5X2.1 LV2 LV3 m 1.5X2.6X2.1 m 2.2X3.3X2.1 m 2.0X3.0X2.1 m forming the length of 3000 (mm) 2000 (mm) forming width, forming the largest depth of 500 (mm) forming the largest area of 6 (m) 5 (/min) production rate pressure of 1--12 (Mpa) adjustable motor voltage 220V380V (kw) horizontal styleVertical applicable materials PVC, PE, PP, ABS, acrylic and other product specifications: LV1The biggest molding area is 1.5 meters X1.5 metersHeating power 17KWOperating voltage 220V or 380The heating temperature is about 400 degreesHeating pressure 0 - 12 tonsThe machine weighs 2 tons
Our company possesses strong technology force and perfect after-sales service, as well as setting & debugging after-sales and personnel training system. We can provide circumspect service for the clients who have special demands of spec equipment.Challenging ourselves and creating excellent is our management idea. Fujinlong people welcome new and old customers at home and abroad to visit us for considering the business and developing together.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Zhejiang, China
Year Established 2002
Annual Output Value US$2.5 Million - US$5 Million
Main Markets South America
Eastern Europe
Southeast Asia
Mid East
Eastern Asia
Domestic Market
Company Certifications CE;ISO9001/2000;CE

2. Manufacturer Certificates

a) Certification Name  
Validity Period  

3. Manufacturer Capability

a)Trade Capacity  
Nearest Port Callo,Algiers
Export Percentage 81% - 90%
No.of Employees in Trade Department 3-5 People
Language Spoken: English, Chinese
b)Factory Information  
Factory Size: 1,000-3,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines Above 10
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered
Product Price Range High and/or Average