Sterile Disposable Blood Collector

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Product Description:

Product Description:

Specification of Sterile Disposable Blood Collector:

1.High polymer material.


3.CE & ISO 13485 authentication.

4.Preset vacuum degree and all kinds of additive accurately, the largest tolerance is not more than ±10%, the accurate proportion of the blood sample and additive is guaranteed. 

5. The colore of the head cover an lable keep the unitive color identifying marking, the lable is fabricated with high quality material, not fallen off after dripping in water and hard to tear up.

6. Vacuum degree can be designed customized according to different zone altitude to meet various customers’ requests.

7. Product Application: Used together with disposable drawblood needle, for human body’s IV blood sample collecting in clinical examination.

Needle Holder:

Sterile Disposable Blood Collector

Blood-collecting needle:


Sterile Disposable Blood Collector


Sterile Disposable Blood Collector

Sterile Disposable Blood Collector

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Q:How to determine breast cancer patients with thoracic and axillary drainage tube is correct
Breast cancer resection 12 days after the drainage tube is not pulled out every day there is blood outflow, which is a normal situation, because the breast cancer resection incision, the wound is relatively large, subcutaneous bleeding more, so you do not have to worry too much.
Q:Can the abdominal drainage tube eat soft food?
1, cavity organ perforation or trauma rupture, often with secondary peritonitis 2, peritoneal and organ abscess, for the purpose of treatment can be puncture catheter or surgical incision and drainage
Q:begging! "T" drainage tube when the precautions.
Inoculation 4. Method 0: intramuscular injection. 2. Location: Large z Leg anterolateral (neonatal v and infant r), upper y-arm lateral p-angular muscle (child sons, adolescent 2 years and adult y). Some scholars have found that hepatitis B liver vaccination site affect the body response. Because 1 buttocks adipose tissue, immune active cells less 7, buttocks can not be injected into the k-1 can be injected into the k muscle, after injection of antibody titer low and lower w speed. While the antibody titer in the h-armor muscle was 85 times higher than that of the buttocks inoculum. So the current adult r vaccination of hepatitis B hepatitis c are selected three c angular muscle parts, and the baby z and neonatal r can be in the large i-leg muscle before the lateral inoculation. Note [4]: ​​① in the whole process of inoculation 5, 3 can not use the same factory with the production of hepatitis B hepatitis B vaccine; ② if the first dose of y dose to 7, for some reason not on time Inoculation of the second b agent, it should be vaccinated as soon as possible, and the second m and the third party f between at least 4 to be separated by 2 k months 1; if only the third r is not inoculated on time should be vaccinated as soon as possible; Vaccine before 6 can not do y liver indicators liver test;
Q:How can the wound of the drainage tube be so fast?
Drainage tube wound, the general pull out the drainage tube after 3-5 days to heal, I hope my solution can help you, discomfort timely referral.
Q:What is the role of drainage tube in patients after surgery?
Breast cancer surgery after the chest and armpit often with one or more drainage tube, and then negative pressure suction device, the purpose is to lead the axillary and flap residual bleeding, exudate, promote incision healing
Q:What is the care of the T-type drainage tube?
2.4 t-type tube around the skin care Daily cleaning and disinfection t-shaped tube around the skin 1, and covered with sterile gauze, if bile leakage, should be promptly replaced gauze, and local coated zinc oxide ointment protection. Should be strictly according to doctor's application of antibiotics, control infection. 2.5 extubation care This group of patients were 12 to 14 days after removal of t-type drainage tube, the extubation indications: jaundice subsided, no abdominal pain, no fever, normal urine, bile drainage gradually reduced, the color was transparent yellow or yellow-green, No pus, stones, no sediment and floc, can be considered extubation. Before extubation in the x-ray line by the line of cholangiography, to understand the bottom of the bile duct is smooth, if the bile duct patency, can be caught 3 days; if no fever, abdominal pain, jaundice, you can remove the t-tube. 1 week after extubation, should be alert to bile leakage, or even peritonitis, to observe whether the temperature of jaundice and abdominal pain attack, and when the treatment. 2.6 observe the patient's general condition Biliary tract disease after the nutritional support of patients with early parenteral nutrition, intravenous input of water and electrolyte, amino acids to improve the overall nutritional status, to encourage early activities of patients to promote gastrointestinal peristalsis recovery, to prevent intestinal adhesion. Gastrointestinal function recovery anal defecation, exhaust, to guide patients with a small amount of meals to eat high protein, high calorie, rich in digestible low-fat diet of vitamins.
Q:Pancreatitis has flowed through the dangerous period, but the drainage tube is not pulled out.
you need to pay attention to the amount of drainage fluid is much, and review the ultrasound showed intraperitoneal effusion much, there is no stay in the body, drainage is not sufficient, the patient has no abdominal pain, there is no fever The situation
Q:T-type drainage tube after the closure of bloating how to do?
Bloating, then open the T tube well, need a period of time to adapt.
Q:Drainage tube at home how to do
Timely to the hospital re-tube, must not be re-put into their own, because the tube has been contaminated
Q:What type of drainage tube? In addition to their respective dial indication of what is
Liver resection of the liver after the drainage tube is generally placed 3 to 5 days, exudate significantly reduced drainage should be promptly removed. Liver abscess drainage, should be improved in general, body temperature and blood normal, drainage pus thin and less than 10ml per day, or by drainage tube angiography see abscess volume less than 10ml, the removal of drainage tube. Subcutaneous drainage: Gastric tube: Urine:
We mainly produce disposable vacuum blood collection tubes, disposable venous blood specimen collection needles, capillary blood collection tube, disposable lancet for blood specimen collection and other medical supplies. Our products have been approved by SFDA, and they are in line with the medical device access qualifications.

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Year Established 2000
Annual Output Value USD 10,000,000
Company Certifications CE,ISO13485:2003

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Nearest Port QINGDAO
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