Steel Φ219 Φ711 CFOE mill roll forming machinery

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Product Description:

Structure of Steel Φ219 Φ711 CFOE mill roll forming machine Description

Φ219 Φ711 CFOE mill is the newest product in our company, which adoptsCFOE patent technology from our company. CFOE means continuous flexible formingand straight seam submerged arc welded pipe. There are special advantages inthe mill. The mill is continuous production, which is no need to change therollers in rough-forming section when the specification needs to be changed.Compared with ERW, the quality and energy consumption of CFOE is easier to becontrolled, and is welded better and low consumption. The welding seam of CFOEovercomes the shortages of long welding seam and difficult inspection on spiralwelding seam after inbuilt. Compared with UOE and JCOE, the investment cost andproduction cost are low. 

Main Features of Steel Φ219 Φ711 CFOE mill roll forming machine Description

The quality of CFOE welding seam is the best in allwelding seam technology. CFOE is the most reliable, and there is no circularinterface welding seam on the pipe, which is easy to weld, inspect, maintainand repair. The pipe produced by the mill just covers most pipes which are currentlyused by oil, gas casing. The mill also has a good market prospect. Annualproduction capacity is 50,000-100,000 tons.

If there are smalldifferences between CFOE cost and spiral welded pipe cost, nobody will buyspiral welded pipe on high grade pipeline. CFOE welded pipe will replace fullyspiral welded pipe in high grade pipeline, and have a good market prospect.

CFOE can be the complementmill for the JCOE mill. Because it is hard and uneconomical for UOE and JCOE toproduce the pipes within the diameter range of Φ219Φ711. There are outstanding advantages such as less productioncost and high production capacity. Due to low production capacity and over highprice of JCOE mill, which create the serious competition problem, it can makeup middle and large diameter in JCOE.

Specification Of Steel Φ219 Φ711 CFOE mill roll forming machine Description:

ModelTube O.DWall thicknessSpeedMain motorH.F. welder
VZH 16Φ7-18mm0.3-1.0mm30-120m/min22kw60kw
VZH 20Φ9-26mm0.3-1.2mm30-120m/min37kw60kw
VZH 25Φ10-30mm0.4-1.5mm30-100m/min45kw100kw
VZH 32Φ12.7-38.1mm0.5-1.75mm30-120m/min75kw100kw
VZH 32zΦ12.7-38.1mm0.6-2.0mm20-90mm/min45×2kw100kw
VZH 45Φ16-50.8mm0.6-1.5mm20-80m/min45kw×2 (90kw)150kw
VZH 45zΦ16-50.8mm0.7-2.5mm20-75m/min55kw×2 (132kw)150kw
VZH 50Φ20-63.5mm0.7-3.0mm20-75m/min75kw×2200kw
VZH 60Φ25-76mm0.8-3.25mm20-70m/min90kw×2250kw
VZH 76Φ30-101mm1.0-3.75mm20-70m/min110kw×2300kw
VZH 89Φ35-114mm1.2-4.25mm20-70m/min132kw×2300kw
VZH 114Φ40-127mm1.5-5.0mm15-60m/min160kw×2400kw
VZH 125Φ50-130mm1.5-5.0mm10-50m/min185kw×2400kw
VZH 165Φ60-165mm2.0-6.0mm10-50m/min200kw×2400kw
VZH 165zΦ76-168mm2.5-8.0mm10-50m/min200kw+110kw×2500kw
VZH 219QΦ76-219mm2.0-6.0mm10-40m/min90kw×2+110kw×2500kw
VZH 219Φ89-219mm3.0-8.0mm10-40m/min110kw×2+132kw×2600kw
VZH 219zΦ89-219mm4.0-10.0mm10-40m/min132kw×2+160kw×2700kw
VZH 273Φ100-273mm4.0-10.0mm10-40m/min160kw×2+185kw×2700kw
VZH 273zΦ114-273mm4.5-12.0mm10-30m/min185kw×2+200kw×2800kw

Steel Φ219 Φ711 CFOE mill roll forming machine Images

Steel Φ219 Φ711 CFOE mill roll forming machinery


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