SP606 pile breaker connect with excavator used for break pile concrete breaker

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截桩直径Range   of Pile diameter (mm)Φ1900-Φ2050
单个钎杆最大加压力Maximum   Drill rod pressure 690KN
液压油缸最大行程Maximum   stroke of hydraulic cylinder180mm
液压油缸最大压力Maximum   pressure hydraulic cylinder34.3Mpa
单根油缸最大流量Maximum   flow Single cylinder 25L/mim
截桩数量/8hCut   the number of pile/8h40-100
单次截桩高度Height   for cut pile each time≤300mm
配套挖机吨位Supporting   the digging machine Tonnage (excvavtor)≥35t
单件模块重量One-piece   module weight280kg
单件模块尺寸One-piece   module size908×680×380
工作状态尺寸Work   status dimensionsΦ3400×3000
整机重量Total   pile breaker weight 3.9t

SP606截桩机各工况施工参考参数   Construction‘s   Parameters
Module   numbersThe diameter rangePlatform weightWeightHeight of single   crush pile

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l Hydraulic pile breaker

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