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Product Description:


1) Sodium allyl sulfonate
2) Biggest manufacturer in China
3) ISO certificate ,BV & SGS
4) Top quality: 95%
5) 3500mts


 Sodium Allyl sulfonate(SAS):



1) Specification


2) Appearance 

white granual                                                                                       

3) Function

water treatmentpolycarboxylate Superplasticizer , plating nickel brightener 

4) Packing 

20kg/bag in a PP woven bag with PE inner liner ,with pallets

5) Delivery time

15days after receive the prepayment 

6) Production capacity 

3500mts per annum








Technological Index

Best Grade

Top Grade

Regular Grade

Content(dry  basis)       % ≥




NaCl             % ≤




Na2SO3         % ≤




   Fe2+           % ≤




   H2O          % ≤









 1) As the third monomer of acrylic fiber.
2) Water treatment chemical additive..
3) As a nickel-plated brightener in the plating pre-treatment agents.
4) As an oil field chemical.
5) It can be used in polycarboxylate superplasticizer.

6) As a paint additive.
7) As a monomer of flocculant, it can polymerize with acrylamide.
8) It can polymerize with methyl acrylic acid, it aconic acid to be a dispersant.               

9) It can be used to make CPPL and high water-absorbing resin in electronics and materials processing.
10) Improve fertilizer.                  

11) It could be used as one medical intermediate.                                       

12) Used in the antistatic agent.



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Q:Would taking emissions test while running fuel additive cause high CO%?
HC (hydrocarbon) limits indicated a proper fuel/air mixture. NOx (Nitrogen dioxides) are the result of the catalytic converter doing its job and breaking down heavier nitrogen gases. CO ( carbon monoxide) is basically raw fuel or the product of incomplete combustion of fuel. Most CO is produced when air-to-fuel ratios are too low in the engine during vehicle starting, when cars are not tuned properly, and at higher altitudes, where thin air reduces the amount of oxygen available for combustion. It may be as easy as a tune up or a set of plugs. The additive most likely did NOT contribute to the high readings. Remember too that a half full tank of fuel has a half full tank of fumes or raw fuel vapors. GM Tech since 1990 and cert'd Ontario Drive Clean Tech.
Q:gasoline additive vs. bottles of additives?
ALl modern fuels haev LOTS of detergents in t hem to keep injectors clean if they did NOT we would STILL be all breathing CHEVY fumes. The thing about engines is that improper OIL use will cause you LOST power and BAD mileage. Nearly ALL modern engines do FAR better with SYNTHETIC OIL following a sludge removal treatment. IN stead of wasting money on ADDITIVES that do nothing, take $20 to your local oil change center and have them clean your IDLE AIR CONTROL VALVE and throttle body! these things will IMPROVE your economy and power, and begin using mobil one 0w-30 oil ( for MOST cars) to get ADDED MPGS and lower friction. WHAt you should KNOW is that cheap oil changes ccan RUIN your converter, and are the amin reasont hat SLUDGE forms inside an engine MODERN SYNTHETIC Oils do their BEST to keep SLUDGE and power robbing deposits from ever forming! NEVER use BULK OIL Changes EVER!
Q:why does my car not start unless i add an additive to the gas tank?
This is really strange. Fuel additives don't really do all that much. They have some detergents that help clean injectors and valves but that is about it. You need to start eliminating possibilities. You only need 3 things for the car to run. Air, fuel and spark Air is not an issue. the engine can pretty much always get enough air unless there is a squirrel in your throttle body. Air going out may be an issue if your catalytic converter has melted down and won't let exhaust pass through. aside from that not likely anything wrong there. Start with fuel. When the car isn't starting, spray some ether ( starting fluid) into the intake. If it starts up you probably have a fuel delivery problem. Start by checking your fuel filter. Cheap and basic maintenance anyway. Then check the fuel pump if you can access it. Sometimes it's inside the tank and you are up the creek. Whatever you put in the tank may have lubricated a bad pump to the extent where it will still work but not very well. Just a guess. If that seems OK, move up to the injectors. Either replace them outright or try and clean them. Just be careful with these. It's easy to mess them up. If you can remove the intake manifold ( pain in the butt) look at the valves for excessive carbon build up that might prevent the car from running. It would have to be really really bad, and it would be obvious. If it still doesn't start you have an ignition problem. Check each plug for spark. remove one at a time, connect it back to the wire and crank the engine. Have someone check for spark. Do for all plugs. If your car has a distributor, replace the cap. It's cheap and easy. Just replace it. If it has coil packs for each plug, you might need to replace one or more of them. They do go bad over time. I hope this is enough to get you started.
Q:What is a nucleotide food additive?
Food additives are chemical synthetic or natural substances that are added to food in order to improve food quality and color, aroma, taste and the need for preserving and processing processes.
Q:China Food Additives Conference Time
Name: 2008 Eighth National Autumn Food Additives and Ingredients Exhibition Venue: Jinan Shungeng International Convention and Exhibition Center (28 Shuncheng Road, Jinan City) Time: November 5-7, 2008
Q:Rain-X washer fluid additive?
This Site Might Help You. RE: Rain-X washer fluid additive? On the bottle it says Add 4 fluid ounces to treat 1 full gallon of plain water or washer fluid in washer tank. What does this mean? Do I put a gallon of water in my windshield washer reservoir and only 4 ounces of the rain-x?
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Q:what fuel additive really works?
What do you want it to work for? take carbon out or take water out or what? I would use the Techron. I've heard talk show hosts, like click and clack advertise it. Most of the time you put something in your tank its ALREADY in the gas at the pump so don't just add something because the bottle says you need ite.
Q:Are there additives to foods that make you want more?
No. I don't think they do. It would be illegal. And since companies have to list all their ingredients, imagine the issues this would have if they were ever found out. That said, McDonalds use to soak their potatoes in sugar before deep fat frying them, which is why everyone loved their friesuntil consumers found out about it!! EDIT - My point about the McDonald's fries was NOT that everyone doesn't still love them. The point was, when consumers found out about it, McDonald's quit doing it because consumers thought it was 'unhealthy'.cuz other than that added sugar, McDonald's fries are so healthy, as we all know. PS - Salt and sugar are NOT additives.

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