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pu frame with silver mosaic mirror around, wall decor item, wall decor,classical design,competitive price.

mirror frame with silver mirror sheet, home decor item, wall decor, contemporary wall mirror frame, silver finish,

we are manufacture of wall deco items: wooden mirror frame, pu mirror frame, wall art and wall plaques.

Character List

1. Low cost: The surface painting is finished and installation time is very short; Can be planed, sawed, nailed and glued by yourself.

2. Light weight: Good resilience, light and hard.

3. Entirety: Classic, elegant and uniform

4. Water-proof: No moisture-absorbing, water-permeation and mild-ew-arising; Anti-erosion, resist acid and alkali

5. Environment protection: Using polyester as raw material to avoid forest hag

6. Flower grain: Clear-cut, fluency, water caltrop clearly, lubricity rectitude

7. Using time: No limit weather change bend, no desquamating, no chap, using life-span long.

8. Painting color: Special type PVC leather & raw material integrative figuration synthesizing surface, lacquer oil no hell, and finished goods paint any color dope


1. What is our factory's vantage?

Our factory founded in 1998, and we have much experience in mirrors. And it is the family business, so we pay much attention on the quality.

2. What about the packing?

Now the carton packing or wooden carte packing both avaialbe for us. Or we can provide the packing as your requirement

3.  What about the material of the mirror?

We have the material in 4mm, 5mm and 6mm silver mirror. It depends on the customer's requirement. We also can provide the 3.6mm, 4mm and 5mm aluminum mirror

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Q:The door in the door hung a mirror, how do i do?
Home can not do not know the 21 feng shui taboo
Q:Open the door to see the mirror feng shui good? The
There is a way yo, can let you take a bath when Ah, the mirror will not fog! 1. soap 2. toilet paper (any dry can be wiped things can be) Method: 1. First, your mirror first wipe clean! 2. Apply a little amount of soap in the mirror (you want to spend the light to listen to dumplings Gui evil spear to the range) and then use your toilet paper to wipe your soap wipe clean! This method can effectively make the mirror when the bath is not fog, the utility period to see the extent of use
Q:Length 2m, wide 1.8m mirror cheap, good quality how much money
1 The old woman was afraid of the mirror, and she was the servant, and the woman found that she was the servant, and when the mistress had seen the servant's picture, she had fallen out of the picture of the two children. She knows what the servant looks like. (The mirror may also destroy the spell that I guessed before, but later looked at your third question to overturn this guess.) The old man said it was a little scared to see the lawyer's face, because the servant now owns Lawyer's face. I think there is no possibility that he has not seen his old face, he has not seen since the success of the mirror, that there is no mirror to see him at home, he might think he was the lawyer's face, they Take only his life, and he can not move anything, his face did not change, then the first time I saw the original face is also old, a little frightened to. 2 mirror means that a few people are the same person, the old man in the back and not behind in fact nothing relationship. The mirror is illuminated their face, and have their face is the same person, the woman also said that the main woman is about to become one of the same person. 3 the third bit a bit difficult eh, I do not know, I did not take into account this issue before, you are so smart ah Is the mirror only when the magic is useful, but before the old man how even the vases are falling, she saw the mirror no matter ah. The only question that is now kept is, when is the mirror? There is no law ah This is necessary to wait for the Supreme to solve, (I also played tired, rest, huh, huh.)
Q:The car can see what the back of the mirror is called
Before the heavy foot or feet, heavy foot is forward, light feet to the sky means
Q:Beijing opera up early in the morning, what is the mirror
I cry in the mirror, is a woman singing a = one, ck
Q:Why do people say that the middle of the night 12 o'clock in the mirror
[Horizon designer] answer: vr valve brittle dumplings yi sacrifice wrong Nang Long in the mirror material how to tune? My answer is: because as a designer, 3D is one of the one must be a software. VR is just one of the rendering tools. According to personal contact VR time to answer. . to do the mirror material, you can download VR material online through the ball - the mirror. [The most simple is the latest, but also the most numling approach] because this method parameters are generally set relatively high, so do not know how to use directly, the course of time there is a certain degree of dependence. Nothing grows . in the material ball selection VR material diffuse 【】】, reflection [is the intensity of the reflective object, the mirror reflection is relatively large, set the high point. Specific parameters are not qualitative fixed. Is based on your scene, lighting and other changes in the environment, I said is a general parameters. This gives you a mirror object. If you want to be true. To increase the subdivision, and then hook on non-Neel reflex, if the check out the effect is not ideal, do not use. The scene is changing, the parameters are flexible, the design is unlimited! Wish you learn early!
Q:How to use the notebook camera, like a mirror can be used?
During the daytime, the light of the mirror is bright and will make your face, such as acne and pores, and some other unclean places. And at night because of lack of light, some defective parts of the cans of the mouth of the tide of the whole family was not so obvious, on the whole look more harmonious, so you will feel at night according to the day according to a little better.
Q:The lyrics "back to the initial starting point standing in front of the mirror" is the song
Because we are the eyes of the activities of the viewfinder to see the mirror of their own ah, the human will be based on the environment and mood to automatically see the image to be processed, will automatically ignore their own bad place, such as eye position look good, will be ignored Face defects, the overall look of a good color can also make up for a certain extent, lack of facial features. In fact, those bad places you see, but you cheated yourself, so it was evaluated "the mirror in their own than the actual beautiful about 30% (this data is only estimated)." And the camera is flat, the so-called "on the phase" is that you are in a certain angle image of the advantages of more than shortcomings, or the advantages of more obvious than the shortcomings. General ordinary camera is super-objective chu chu chu chu chu chan pick up the pulp, he did not have any emotional color (unlike our own time to see themselves), as long as one meter away (try to exclude the lens distortion) You are in the face of the lens of the point of all the advantages and disadvantages of shortcomings, he will put out. So in the face of their own photos, the fate of friends, you are in this point is indeed the case. So how do you see the most real oneself? This time we should not take pictures, but to shoot video, we can video 360 degrees no dead to see what others have seen themselves. However, even if you feel in the mirror that their ugly burst, although the simple look at you in the eyes of others will be more ugly burst about 30%, but others to judge a person is not the United States is not simply by the appearance of ah, there are dressed, wearing Manners, talk, act, etc., through other aspects to make up that 30% of the ugly thing Well.
Q:My house wash basin above the mirror is facing the door of my bedroom, said no?
Because the more ugly the more hope that they become beautiful so I also want to see in the mirror to see if they become a beautiful point? Want to adopt
Q:The high pressure electric sprayer is currently the biggest pressure on the market
It depends on the same grass-roots wallpaper how? It is best to install the mirror nails, so do not affect the appearance.

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