SKW Series Gold Silver Paper Card Printing Ink

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Quick Details

  • Place of Origin: Shanxi, China (Mainland)

  • Place of Origin: Guangdong, China

  • Brand Name: Gukangli

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:1kg per can
Delivery Detail:7 working days


The printink ink is applicable for high quality package like smoke, drink, food, cosmetic, medicine, etc & metal etched copies.

SKW Series Gold Silver Paper Card Printing Ink

Printing Ink Characters

The ink film is bright, & of good color disperses, pure color gloss. The printing ink is with excellent flexibility, abrasion resistance, good leveling, even fineness, but the printing color is the two colors of printing ink & base paper.

Applicable Industry:

High quality package like smoke, drink, food, cosmetic, medicine, etc & metal etched copies.

Application Field:

Aluminum plating paper with surface treatment (named as gold, silver paper card).

Product Features:

MONOLEN PLUS: 165 34T (420) or less

Surface dry time: room volatilization: 8 15 minutes, 40 sirocco dries: around 2 3 minutes.

Dilution: SW solvent or HR-783

Cleaner: S 186 (net board cleaner)

Antifoaming agent: HR-701 (oil antifoaming agent)

Print Cover Area: 40 60 square meters

Color Match System:

Adjust (match) with this series printing ink, cant be mixed with other type printing ink.

Operation Instruction:

1. Mix evenly before use, seal carefully after use.

2. Use cleaner to open the sealed net, print after the solvent is volatile.


Low temp storage; avoid direct contact to the sunshine, product warranty period: 6 months.


1. Try the printing ink before mass production, as factorys material character is different.

2. Wait until the solvent in the print film is volatile to fold them for shipment.

3. Incorrect storage, or excess warranty period, the printing ink characters will be changed.

4. Choose different drying speed dilution according to different weather.

5. Cant be mixed with other printing ink, or the quality will be changed.

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Q:What is lead used in printing ink? Can you remove it?
Formerly a printing ink, such as manganese or lead, used as a drier. To speed up ink drying, and printing ink in the lead can not be removed.
Q:What ink is usually printed on the packing bag?
Water-based inkWater-based ink (Water-based ink), referred to as Chinese ink, flexo water-based ink or liquid ink is mainly composed of a water soluble resin, organic pigment, solvent and additives by composite grinding and into. Water based ink is the ink used in most flexo printing and printing at home and abroad. Water soluble resin binders is water-based ink, often used in domestic water soluble modified acrylic resin as binder, heat resistance, weather resistance, chemical resistance, pollution resistance and gloss has significant advantages, whether direct dissolution or synthetic polymer emulsion, all show good performance, water-based ink does not contain volatile organic solvents, not only can reduce the toxicity of the remainder of the printing, but also to prevent the fire from contact with flammable solvents and electrostatic.Water based ink is not only a new type of "green" printing ink, but also the best product to replace the benzene soluble ink. Water based ink is especially suitable for packing and printing products in strict hygienic condition such as tobacco, wine, food, beverage, medicine, children's toy and so on.
Q:What kinds of ink are there in screen printing?What are the characteristics?
The features of screen printing are summarized as follows:Screen printing can use a variety of types of ink, namely: oil, water, synthetic resin, emulsion type, powder and other types of inkThe layout is flexible. The screen printing is flexible and has a certain elasticity. It is not only suitable for printing on soft articles such as paper and cloth, but also for printing on hard objects, such as glass, ceramics, etc.Screen printing has little printing force, and it is suitable for printing on the breakable shopping because of the little pressure in printingThe ink layer is thick and strong covering powerLimit and area size restrictions and is not affected by the surface shape of the substrate. By the foregoing, screen printing can be printed on the plane, but also can be printed on the surface or sphere; it is not only suitable for small object and printing, but also suitable for printing on large objects. The printing mode has great flexibility and wide applicability.
Q:Can screen printing ink be printed on cloth?
Nylon cloth, bags and cloth can be. There is not enough font edge burr you print accuracy, if it is a small font generally more than 300 mesh.
Q:How does the red ink in the intaglio printing come up with the original red ink?
At the same time, black and white can adjust the color path depth, adding white color will become shallow, and add black will darken. Pink and pink are all.
Q:What is the principle and characteristics of anti counterfeiting printing ink and anti counterfeiting printing ink?
Thermal anti-counterfeiting ink: in heating, lead to ink added liquid crystal or thermochromic compound, attack chemical structure change and change color. After changing color, some can invert; some can not invert. The temperature is usually between 40 and 100 degrees centigrade. When you check, you can use your finger or cigarette butt and hot water cup to heat it up.
Q:Printing ink, pigment, ink, laser printer, carbon powder, which kind has the longest preservation time?
Printing factory ink preservation is the longest, laser printer toner will be taken off for a long time, pigment ink if put a long time, regain the word will be blurred, not clear. Meaning you have to build to a small printing plant, call him out and India will help you a lot cheaper. You can also go to the copy Department of the speed printer and ask them to speed it up for you. Printing will save money more than printing.
Q:How can screen printing ink be printed on HDPE?
After the above efforts, the adhesion of the ink will increase a lot.
Q:What about printing ink too fast on screen board in silk screen?
Determine the amount of clearance between screen printing and substrateThe main reason is that..:Size of screen printing plate size. Tension size of tension net. Central sag of screen printing plate. The shape of the substrate. The nature of the material of the substrate. The substrate surface morphology. The viscosity of the ink.The gap between the screen plate and the substrate is different because of the different printing conditions. Generally lower ink absorption capacity of ceramic, glass, metal surface, hard plastic and other substrate hard surface of the object, the printing gap value requirements are relatively high. And the ink absorption capacity of larger cloth, paper and soft plastic and other substrate surface soft objects, the printing gap requirements are not so strict. Usually printed matter of higher precision requires a gap value of 1-3 millimeters when printing. For ordinary prints, the clearance is 2-6 millimeters. The time difference value of the surface printing is smaller, while the print time gap value is larger.
Q:Filling material in a printing ink
Aluminum hydroxide is a typical amphoteric compound that is insoluble in water but dissolves in acid and alkali solution. Aluminum hydroxide has been widely used in oil-based ink. It not only acts as filling material, but also is a good thickener. Aluminum hydroxide with dispersion and strong stretching force of good, but also easily lead to ink colloidization. At present, it has been gradually replaced by colloidal calcium carbonate.

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