Shortcrete Robot for Tunnel and Mining KC2012W

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PRS Spraying Boom System

Wireless remote control, high accuracy, wide spray area, minimum spray rejection and low concentration of dust.


Suitable to Railway Tunnel & Highway Tunnel

long-reach spray boom allows to work at long distance and great height.

3-PRS spray head gives full spherical spray area without blind spot.

Full hydraulic foldable & telescopic intelligent spray boom guarantees no interference when all boom sections working at the same. 

Minimum height and rotation radius, 4-wheel crab swing, suitable for space limited and complex conditions work sites.


4-wheel Drive & 4-wheel Steering Engineering Chassis

Rigid chassis with floating front axle, internal combustion – hydrostatic transmission, 4-wheel drive, with functions of 4-wheel steering and 4-wheel crab .

4 hydraulic supporting leg hold the vehicle steady at all times, absorb forces when material blending, pumping and spraying.


High Efficiency, Steady Concrete Delivery System

Advanced Elec-hydraulic proportional hydraulic system and double pump double circuit hydraulic design, offers high pumping pressure and high efficiency, steady reversing and small impact. .

Reliable Elec-hydraulic proportional control technology, achieving a wide range of pump output in 0-25m3/h, to meet the needs of different shotcrete conditions.


Remote Control & PLC Electrical Control System

Complete manual control on vehicle and compact full function wireless remote control; Protection of over voltage and low voltage; Double safety emergency stop

Computerized man-machine communication module: Input and record spray operation data; display real time running condition and running data; failure report.

Compact and sturdy wireless remote control offers unlimited movement control to the spray boom and nozzle operator.


Intelligent Setting Accelerator Adding System

Advanced & reliable ele-hydraulic proportional technology and PLC control, auto-achieving the speed change of setting pump, to adjust the output of setting pump in line with the same of concrete.


Wide-ranging Technical Services

Supportive after-sales services

Skillful technical service team

Hold both theory training and on site training


Shortcrete Robot for Tunnel and Mining KC2012W



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Q:Does the concrete wet spray machine need to be equipped with an air compressor?
The domestic Xuguang Group New Construction Group, China Railway Construction Jiale, etc., imported wet jet cars are now supporting the Italian Matai vane air compressor, unique shape, machine integration control, compression efficiency is higher, and
Q:What is the difference between pouring concrete and shotcrete?
It is advisable to prevent the template and the freshly poured concrete from direct sunlight, to control the temperature of the concrete into the mold template and the rebar and the local temperature in the vicinity of not more than 40 ° C.
Q:What is the difference between artificial wet spray concrete and mechanical wet spray concrete?
Rebound material and dust on the spray of a great impact on the rebound of the stone easy to hurt the shooter, so the general wind pressure will not be very full, mechanical jet can completely avoid this problem, the wind pressure can make the dense layer
Q:What is the working principle of concrete wet spray machine?
This type of wet spray machine is generally bulky, but the transport distance is long.
Q:What is the use of concrete wet spray machine
Using a wet wet spray machine for wet spray, the rebound rate can be reduced to below 10%.
Q:What kind of machinery does the concrete wet spray machine belong to?
Engineering machinery is an important part of China's equipment industry.
Q:What is the difference between dry spray and wet spray?
Mechanical or manual feeding) Strong vibration hopper for wet spray machine - Compressed air supplied by air compressor
Q:What is the difference between concrete wet spray machine and dry spray machine?
At present widely used in mining, culverts, construction foundation pit support, river slope protection and other projects.
Q:What should you pay attention to when spraying concrete with a wet spray machine for tunnel works?
Therefore, this process needs to be noted that it is necessary to spray evenly, and leave no gaps.
Q:What is concrete concrete and net spray concrete?
Mainly to do with the wall protection, anti-erosion collapse.

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