Semi-Round Dining Table 48/96

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Semi-Round Dining Table 4896



Competitive prices with high quality.



Description of Semi-Round Dining Table 4896



Edge: Aluminium & PU plastic


Size: Any sizes as your demands (popular size: Dia. 60-200cm )


Packing: Export Packing


Size (mm)1220*2440*760
Materialtabletop, 3mm foam, 18mm polywood, with melamine top, frame in steel
20FT (pcs)
40FT (pcs)


Applications & use:  hotels, banqueting halls



Packaging and delivery:




Semi-Round Dining Table 48/96

Semi-Round Dining Table 48/96

Semi-Round Dining Table 48/96




Factory View:



Semi-Round Dining Table 48/96

Semi-Round Dining Table 48/96

Semi-Round Dining Table 48/96





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Semi-Round Dining Table 48/96

Semi-Round Dining Table 48/96

Semi-Round Dining Table 48/96

Semi-Round Dining Table 48/96


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Q:What color and form are good for the table?
1, rectangle: rectangular table is generally in the restaurant area is relatively large use, or by moderately rich or above family use. No matter what the situation is, the family with a rectangular dining table is easy to have the distinction between the host and the guest, that is to say, the position of the owner of the house will be more prominent and obvious. In terms of emotional communication and communication, it is easy to develop a phenomenon of guidance or command.2. Square: a table with a square is rarely used, and some will be merged into one for other special purposes, such as mahjong tables and dining tables. Using the square table family members can easily produce a sharp confrontation and conflict, but also have their own practice and huaiguitai phenomenon. Moreover, the square can accommodate four people, it will bring a deserted and lonely feeling.3 round: round table is most suitable for general household use, because of its yituanheqi effect, but also a symbol of the level of the identity of each other without boundaries. The family is easy to communicate with each other and communicate with each other.4, use: Oval oval table family, family members can easily form a combination of factions or split shares against the power of. You'd better not use it, especially the big family.5, polygon or not equilateral: it will only appear in some special area to house use, but also can be said to be extremely rare, with the shape of the table of the family, there will be more erratic things, every man in the home will also gather uncertainty and disunity, even to schizophrenia. The situation.It can be seen that the choice of shape in the table, the table is best round or oval, avoid sharp table angle. Symbolize the prosperity and unity of family property. If using a square table, you should avoid sitting in the corner of the table, so as not to be rushed to the evil spirits.
Q:Do you need a soft glass for the glass table?
Using plastic wrap and a damp cloth with detergent can also make the often oily glass "reborn"". First of all, the glass sprayed with detergent, and then affixed with plastic wrap, so that the solidification of oil softening, ten minutes later, remove the plastic wrap, and then wipe with a damp cloth. In order to keep the glass clean and bright, must often hands clean glass, if there is a handwriting, use a rubber soaking friction, then a damp cloth; if the glass paint, use cotton dipped in hot vinegar wash; wipe the glass with clean dry cloth dipped in alcohol, so that it can be as bright as crystal
Q:What about the desk chairs that touch off the paint
Next, with the fine sand paper to paint the place to carry on the careful polishing, causes the furniture gap to be smooth, does not have the burr, the bulge and so on. Finally, apply the oily putty in the sanding area and paint it. It is worth noting that the painting was good scraping putty, putty to completely dry before, usually putty dry time is 2 to 3 hours to paint, paint and other times to 3 times, a paint is completely dry before the second time to paint, and paint before in addition to ash. Furniture repair paint is best to choose in sunny weather, fine wood paint dry faster, better color effect. If there is no putty at home, you can also use glue instead of putty. When the glue is dry, spray it directly with paint. Furniture paint removal, furniture after painting, in addition to the above mentioned paint, but also can use some supplies for remediation.
Q:Is the table top toughened glass good or natural marble?
Natural marble is good.Marble is already weathered to a certain degree of natural stone, the density of no artificial glass, so wear, naturally as glass; but the glass easily broken, and broken glass, easy to hurt, so will the ordinary glass processing glass -- when broken into granules, not easy to hurt.
Q:Table standard size how to choose?
The folding table is square and round table, generally 900mm square table can be turned into a 1350mm table, 1050mm table can stretch into the 1700mm table, so you can maximize the conservation area, people can turn the table extension that part of fold less, then spread by people for a long time, very convenient.
Q:What are the advantages of marble dining table, what are the disadvantages?
The following understanding of marble table of some of the relevant characteristics: First: Marble because the surface is smooth, so it is generally not easy to wipe off the seepage water and oil. Over time, only the varnish is washed. Second: marble table, more obvious grades, but less than solid wood flooring, more conducive to health.
Q:Custom made solid wood furniture has become a finger board
Is impossible to have a pure solid wood furniture, that may be more prone to the problem of customer service, but also has solid wood mosaic such as the table is 15cm wide wood spliced, so even if is solid, but like you say this is absolutely the sales staff in the play text your game. The furniture cost of finger panel is not even 3/1 of solid wood. You must have been cheated
Q:How to identify the wooden table?
A solid wood dining table is good or bad, in addition to the brand and price, but also to see the wood table material, if the material is excellent, so even in sales prices more expensive, consumers are still willing to buy, but if the material is not very stable, the purchase price of consumer needs to carefully.
Q:What is the dining pad on the table for?
Effect:1, protect table cloth: protect table cloth from oil stains, stains and other attacks, especially for cotton tablecloths, use meal mat can completely avoid its not easy to clean the trouble, meal mat easy to change, easy to take care of.2, heat insulation, sound insulation function: avoid the table is burned or tableware cut.3, anti-skid function: PVC meal pad another function is that it has anti-skid, shockproof function, can prevent the table tableware and other optional slip, reduce tableware fall, breakage and other accidents.4, water absorption function: PVC meal pad inside has small suction hole, can be sprinkled on the mat on a small amount of water absorption, so that tableware in dry clean environment.5, appreciation function: printing pad style, color and design style, can reflect the owner's fashion and cultural taste.
Q:Is there anything particular about choosing a table?
The quality of the table should be redundantThe table surface with easy to clean up the marble and glass desktop is hard and cold, strong sense of art, but because of its easy to absorb the energy generated by the human diet, is not conducive to the diners discussion exchange, so it should not be used for all is the table, but by the shape and texture of harmony, for example, a circular marble meal Taiwan or square wooden table, the combination will bring good effect.
We specialize in designing and manufacturing hotel furniture, such as dining tables & chairs, trolleys, bar tables & chairs, flexible stages and others. Our principle is "Quality First, Customer First & Service First". Through endless learning and exploring, we always improve our manufacturing technology and concept of management, so that we go ahead and are in the front of furniture industry.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Guangdong, China
Year Established 2010
Annual Output Value US$ 1 to US$ 2.5 Million
Main Markets North America;
South America;
Southeast Asia;
Mid East;
Easter Asia
Company Certifications

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a) Certification Name  
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3. Manufacturer Capability

a)Trade Capacity  
Nearest Port Foshan
Export Percentage 61% - 70%
No.of Employees in Trade Department 3-5 People
Language Spoken: English, Chinese
b)Factory Information  
Factory Size: 1,000-3,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines 6
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered Design Service Offered Buyer Label Offered
Product Price Range Average