self-sustained underwater breathing apparatus SCUBAPRO

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Product Description:

1 introduction
Diving mask and breathing tube, this is usually one of the two kinds of equipment, can only make free diving.
That is to say, only the breathing tube at the top of the dew on the surface of the water to breathe, if dive down, surfaced when remember to spit into the tube.Or hoarding in the breathing tube of water will flow into his mouth.
Working principle of the 2
Diving with compressed air.Because underwater pressure if there is no certain pressure cylinder so you will be very difficult to breathe, compressed air, of course, can use the time is long.
3 the difference
The main difference is that the mask tightness and pressure resistance, the use of the general air respirator technical requirement can not meet the diving containment requirements.
4 use method
Biing, breathe freely.Respirator side have adjust the volume knob, can according to their proper adjustment.
Respirator external, it is a "breathing", is actually a small funnel shaped like things, rubber texture, you bite, funnel in your mouth open, it is hard to fall off, unless you draw it out.
Divers back cylinder, filling in the compressed air, not oxygen - divers not critically ill patients, not pure oxygen.To deep said: senior divers will involve the use of high concentrations of oxygen: only at high altitude or long time or other extreme conditions when diving, use.
Otherwise, it is compressed air, namely: ordinary air we breathe at ordinary times, just are filling in the form of high pressure into the bottle (with professional machine, about the size of two or three cubic metres).
Breathing, is breathing normally.Inhalation: you use the gas in cylinder;Exhale, spit directly: outstanding gas from breathing on both sides of the mouth of the head
5 pay attention to the problem
According to all the breathing apparatus on the market at present, although the respirator's brand is numerous, the whole modelling also has the very big difference, but the general case, we can be divided into the following several different types of respirator.The respirator classified according to the function, basically can be divided into positive pressure air breathing apparatus, oxygen respirator mobile, long tube air breathing apparatus, positive pressure oxygen respirator, positive pressure air breathing apparatus.Here are to be highlighted, air breathing apparatus and oxygen respirator difference is very big, they can not bear to use.
On respirator use basic is consistent, no matter what we buy is what type of respirator, when we get a respirator, you first need to do a simple check, make sure that we buy breathing apparatus are available for the regular breathing apparatus.We need to check the full cover some of the key parts.This includes comprehensive cover lens, full-face lace-up, regular breathing apparatus ring seal is in good condition, the last is the two key valve, that we said the ventilator exhalation valve and vacuum valve, the two valves in good condition directly affects the use of respirator.
Working principle of the 6
. Open the cylinder valve, high pressure air in turn through the cylinder valve, pressure reducer, primary after decompression, medium pressure gas output is about 0.7 MPa, then through medium-voltage airway sent to the air supply valve, air supply valve will medium pressure gas according to the wearer's inspiratory capacity, secondary stress relief, relief after the gas into the mask, for the use of the wearer's breath, human exhaled by the mask the exhalation valve on the discharge of polluted gas into the atmosphere, so that the gas is always along one direction without reflux.

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