Self-adhesive aluminium bitumen flashing tape

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Self-adhesive aluminium bitumen flashing tape


CHENHUA Self Adhesive membrane consists of a reflective aluminum foil coated with a thick layer of rubber modified bitumen protected by a tough, tear-resistant liner.with aggressive rubberized asphalt adhesive. The product is available in two finishes - bright aluminum or HDPE.

It is an important guarantee for waterproof project quality and its longstanding performance. Widely used in the industrial and civil building roofing, underground, Pool, tunnel, wooden & metal roofing. Specially applied in the chemical factory, garment factory, granary......

Self adhesive bitumen flashing tape Usage:


Sealing around pipes and tanks, repairs to weatherproof enclosures, sealing over wood, concrete brick most metals and some plastics.Vehicle/ships maintenance and repair, Hatch cover sealing,Sound damping


Flashing & Sealing to felt asphalt and bitumen surfaces, flashing of conservatories and porches, roof skirtings and parapet joints, sealing of roof light, windows,door,vents, pipes, and other openings, repair bandage for gutters and roofs, sealing glazing bars, cappings and protective coverings.

Self adhesive bitumen flashing tape STORAGE:

Store the rolls in dry conditions with +5 dg --- 25 dg with original packaging. Shelf-life approximately 12 months


Do not expose to petrol, white spirit, paraffin and similar organic solvents which will dissolve the bitumen.


Surfaces must be clean of dirt loose material, grease and oils. Rough or porous surfaces must first be treated with Bitumen Primer.

Self adhesive bitumen flashing tape HEALTH & SAFETY
Uncured product may irritate the eyes, respiratory system and skin. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical attention. Use in well ventilated areas. Keep out of reach of children. Use gloves and protective clothing. Do not ingest.

Whilst every care has been taken in the preparation of this information, no warranty is given or implied in connection with any recommendation or suggestion made herein. We reserve the right to modify specifications from time to time without prior notice..

1. thickness : 1.2/1.5/2/3/4mm

2. length : 10/15/20m or as requirement

3. width :  can be cut as requirement

4. cover : PE,sand,aluminum fime,schist

5. main material : APP/SBS modified bitumen



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Q:How much is a pound of aluminum foil?
Are not sold by the pounds, and some by area, some by volume
Q:Aluminum tape on the tape can not afford to tear off how to do
With the amount of small and thorough, the best is that it can very quickly and easily remove the residual gum, better than sprinkling.
Q:Is the aluminum foil of the cigarette case conductive?
Aluminum foil in the Chinese market is mainly used as an industrial raw and auxiliary materials, packaging aluminum foil accounted for only 30% of the total domestic demand. Although the late development of aluminum foil packaging, but the market is growing rapidly, the prospects for concern.
Q:Tin foil and aluminum foil are what is done
If the floor in the summer covered with a layer of foil-like reflective material can basically solve the problem of 60% of the direct sunlight. The rest is to consider this layer of metal reflective film itself will become very hot, and the heat will continue to pass to the floor
Q:Will the aluminum foil color change can also use it?
The physical properties of aluminum is not good, not suitable for aluminum foil.
Q:What is the use of aluminum foil tape
The main role is to play the electromagnetic shielding function. And used in the steam pipe can prevent the temperature is not lost.
Q:What is the role of tin foil tape?
Popular is that we usually use the kind of air-conditioning refrigerator is not very reflective
Q:Bonton aluminum foil tape toxic?
The main component or aluminum, as long as the temperature is not too high, 100 ° or more, can be used
Q:What is the difference between a backingless foil and a backing foil?
No backing: is the ordinary aluminum foil, a tin foil, such as high-grade wine bottle of aluminum foil
Q:Aluminum foil and tin foil
Tin foil is a special early Shaoxing a handicraft products. In ancient times its main purpose was to make money for worship. There are many other uses, such as sealing.

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