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small size and weight, simple structure,easy installation,
low loss and temperature rise,run in1.35 times of rated current

           Our company invested assets to install 8 sets of auto vertical winder(20T), 12 sets of semi-auto vertical winder (10t), 4sets of auto cabinet drier and 1 set of dry spray booth so that capacitance of single reactor reaches to 60Mvar and voltage reaches to 110kv with domestic leading level of production and technology, We have an annual production capacity of 5000 Mvar.            

            As an important equipment in reactive compensation of power system, dry-type iron-core serial reactor connects to shunt capacitor in series to suppress harmonic current of capacitor and to restrain capacitor closing inrush current to ruarantee safe operation and low down closing impulse to power system.

             CKSG dry- type iron-core serial reator adopts dry-type iron-core structure free from electromagnetic pollution,oil pollution and with better flame retardant feature.

           Iron- core is made of good silicon sheet and limb consists of air gap. Air gap uses epoxy glass plate as partition to avoid distortion during long-term operation.

           Simple structure, rational configuration, small size, free from maintenance and easy to install in the cubicle.

           The coil is winder with glass covering copper wire, and layers are isolated with epoxy insulation parts. The internal and external layers are covered with glass fiber with features of better heat dissipation, good insulation and dynamic thermal stability, high mechanical strength and prevention of cracking.

           Special insulation parts are added between coil to core, core to earth to gurantee good electric insulation.

            Epoxy resin is inserted between limb and cylinder. Screw is applied to tighten upper and lower yokes and coil to integrate them so that the insulation strength between core and coil is improved and corrosion is restrained to occur to limb and core.

            Computer auxiliary design is available with performance of accurate inductive data, rational temperature-rese margin and low noise.


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Q:What is the transmission line, what is the power distribution equipment
Transmission lines generally refers to 110kV and above power lines.
Q:High and low voltage distribution equipment
Low voltage distribution equipment: low voltage distribution panel, switch cabinet, switch board, lighting box, power box and motor control center.
Q:Main equipment of high voltage direct current transmission
At present, most of the converter adopts thyristor thyristor rectifier, which is composed of three phase bridge rectifier.
Q:What is the difference between power supply and distribution
The problem is you estimate from the injection test out the electric power, is the power system of power plant and the national grid is responsible for part of the design, the design of power plant and power lines, its design must be designed by a qualified electric power design institute
Q:What are the distribution network equipment
The transmission function of the power plants issued by the electricity to power consumption areas, or between adjacent grid power to send each other
Q:What is the role of transmission system and distribution system in power grid
power plant and the load center often separated by long distances, resulting in the problem of power transmission. The power is sent to the user only hydropower area can be fully utilized by high voltage transmission line
Q:Are electric wires and cables belong to distribution equipment?
Wire rod products for the transmission of electric (magnetic) energy, information and electromagnetic energy conversion.
Q:Transmission and transformation equipment
High voltage has a very high risk, and the target electrical appliances do not need such a high voltage, which needs to reduce the voltage through the transformer
Q:DC transmission equipment
Power supply operation of power plant and substation in nowadays are used in DC power supply, it provides power for the control of the load and power load and DC emergency lighting load, is the foundation of modern electric power system control and protection
Q:Transmission system and distribution system
Distribution system is the power supply to the distribution load for the purpose of the general voltage level of not more than 10KV

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