portable multi-function rock direct shear apparatus

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Product Description:

portable multi-function rock direct shear apparatus


1.Main purpose and scope of application
    YZJ-30 portable rock direct shear apparatus is researched and developmented according to national industry standard 《Highway Enfineering Rock Test Procedures》(JTG  E41-2005)《Water Resources and Hydropower Engineering Rock Testing Procedures》(SL264-2001),applying for rock structural plane(such as joint surface ,layer inside,the chip inside, the cleavage planes) 、rock and the connection surface of concrete or motar with rock shear testing .as well as the shear surface between concrete and other materials anti-shear strength testing.

    Its structural performance in full compliance with regulatory requirements of pushing test.

2.Technical Parameters

Product model:YZJ-30、YZJ-50

Normal loads p:0-300KN、0-500KN

Normal overload protectionFull load 2%

Normal working stroke S:0-100mm

Lateral load Q:0-300KN、0-500KN

Lateral overload protectionFull load 2%

Horizontal working stroke S:0-150mm

Normal space:≤450mm

Lateral space:≤200mm

Loading instructionsDigital display

Load indicating accuracy:±1%

Displacement measurementMeasurement of optical encoder, digital readout read directly (0.01mm)

Loading modeManual hydraulic

Working voltage:220V

Total weight:500kg

Overall dimensions:1100×702×1100mm 

Direct shear box size:Φ50×50mm(it can be made according with clients requiretment)

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