Pipe Repair Clamp PN16

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Product Description:

Pipe SizeRangeWidth(mm)BoltWorking pressure
1 1/4"42-451.65-1.7775150300M12*1401.6
1 1/4"44-481.73-1.8975150300M12*1401.6
1 1/2"48-511.89-2.0175150300M12*1401.6
1 1/2"50-541.97-2.1375150300M12*1401.6
1 1/2"55-602.17-2.3675150300M12*1401.6

material: SS 304,316,304L,316L

The rubber seal can be EPDM or NBR

1.roduct feature :
flexible connection  Firmness and rot- resistance; Need no welding; Without fire danger; Saving space; no limit on a pipe; non-stop plugging, convenient installation
2   application field :
ground surface and underground engineering, Platform for ship building/ marine/ petroleum,water, supplies for coal gas/ natural gas, electric power, industrial production, Wastewater Treatment, and maintenance, etc.
3   Application of pipe line:
crude oil pipeline, coal gas pipeline, natural gas pipeline, Water Supply and Drainage pipeline, fuel pipeline, aviation and automobile only pipeline, lubricating oil pipeline, sludge pipeline, suction pipeline , water flush power pipeline, Cable Protection pipeline, Seawater/Fresh Water pipeline, Turbine pipeline, air conditioning pipeline, fire control pipeline , vent pipe pipeline, compressed air pipeline.

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Q:Connecting process of ductile iron pipe spigot and socket rubber ring
Rubber seal ring is formed by one or several parts of the cover, fixed in a ring or a washer bearing and another ring or gasket contact or the formation of the labyrinth of narrow gap, to prevent leakage of lubricating oil and foreign matter.
Q:Is it possible to overcome this by eating iron rich foods?
Q:i have to compare the uses of stainless steel to iron
Iron is generally used for decorative backyard furniture, magnets and simple metal structures. It rusts easily, so iron must be painted to protect it.
Q:I am looking to buy TaylorMade's r7 irons, but I do not know what the difference between draw irons and regular irons are. Can someone explain?
A draw bias iron will have more weight placed toward the heel of the club, which helps promote a right to left ball flight for right handed golfers.
Q:So I‘m doing my chemistry homework and I‘m supposed to like, put into formula/balance their words, but I‘m not sure what metallic iron looks like, formula wise.Any help would be fabulous.
Q:Ok. so I was reading this story a friend wrote about someone who committed suicide by overdosing on iron? Can this actually happen and how much would it take? It seems like the body would just get rid of the excess or something.
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Q:I hate red meat,but i‘ve realized that i‘m probably not getting enough iron :/I eat eggs and chickendo those have iron? What are some other sources?
Q:i asked a question earlier about how i am really tired all the time. some ppl answered yadayada yeah. so i looked it up on google and it said iron defiency. like without enough iron? i heard this can make your period brown. if i have more iron will taht make it red? i just got my first period and it was brown. im always tired too. i truly dont get enough iron. i know thatalso. what are some foods that have A LOT of iron??thanks
You should listen to babywait as she is a fat pig that is always PMSing and prety much knows everything.Anyways it is always a good idea, as a woman to increase your iron intake. Iron carries oxygen through the body as hemoglobin. And often times women and children can suffer from iron dificiency anemia. Before taking supplements, it is best to consult your doctor, as too much iron can be toxic. So be sure that you are actually anemic. Some foods rich in iron are Fried Oysters, Fried Clams, Cereal/Breads, Leafy Vegs. Beans
Q:This is both a statement and a question. My mother had a gastric bypass 12 years ago. About 6 months ago she had a knee surgery where she lost a lot of blood. Since then she has been very sick with extremely low iron levels in her blood. Despite all of the iron tablets and iron rich foods she was eating it wasn‘t changing. Finally, a physician told us that the duodenum is the main part of the intestine absorbs iron, and most of it was removed during her bypass. Has anyone else heard of this?
Q:I am borderline-anemic, so my iron is barely at a healthy level. I have been taking vitamins to boost my iron, but no such luck. My question is, what types of food are iron-rich? Any suggestions would be very much appreciated. THANKS!
I think per calories, egg whites (vegetarian but not vegan) have the most protein. Very lean tuna and chicken, and some protein powders are close enough that I'm not entirely sure. Nuts do not contain as much protein as chicken when eaten in equal amounts. Furthermore, the amino acid breakdown of chicken makes it a more complete protein.

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