Pink/Purple Hyacinth Flowers LED Lamps Outdoor Water-Resistant Solar Power

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Product name: Solar flower light Item No.: BS-0086

Product Description:

Product Description

Solar flower LED light, solar penoy light, solar decorative light, solar garden decorative light

Application place: Garden, yard, park, bar, club etc.

Pink/Purple Hyacinth Flowers LED Lamps Outdoor Water-Resistant Solar Power


Brand name


Product name

Solar flower light

Item No.


Solar Panel

2V, 80mA


1Pc AA   Size 600mAh 1.2V NI-MH


5pcs white LEDs

Color temperature



6 to 8 hours

Water proof



18 lumens



Product size

18.00 x   23.00 x 2150px

Pink/Purple Hyacinth Flowers LED Lamps Outdoor Water-Resistant Solar Power

Pink/Purple Hyacinth Flowers LED Lamps Outdoor Water-Resistant Solar Power

Pink/Purple Hyacinth Flowers LED Lamps Outdoor Water-Resistant Solar PowerFeatures:

Silk material, it looks like real flower, vivid and beautiful.
Power frugal and environmental.
It is used for house or outdoor decoration, beautiful and romantic.
The lights will be on automatically at night.
It can work about 8 hours with full power.
Solar powered design, it can absorb power from the sunlight.
Water resistant, it can be functioning in all weather.
With steel stake, you can stick it into the ground in your garden.


1. Your price or after-sales inquiry will be respond in 24 hours

2. Your entire question can be answered by our well-trained and experienced staff in English

3. Quick response to compliant within 48 hours.

4. OEM/ODM services are available according to customer’s requirements.

5. We have advantages on R&D because we have our own tooling, molding and die-casting workshop and engineers with over 10 years experience in solar lighting industry.


1. Product lead time is from 7 day to 15 days according to order features.

2. Products can be shipped by sea, or by airship, courier service according to client’s instruction.

3. Cargo will be well protected before shipment.

Pink/Purple Hyacinth Flowers LED Lamps Outdoor Water-Resistant Solar Power


Why do we choose your company?

High quality with competitive price, good service


What’s the payment method?

T/T, western Union, L/C and Bank transfer are acceptable for mass order. ESCROW is acceptable for small order


Do your products come with warranty? What will be done if found defectives.

Yes, Guarantee period from 6 months to 5 years depends on products. Free components will be sent upon receipt of defective report and photos during guarantee period. 


Is the battery can be replaced?

Yes. You can change batteries easily by screw driver.


Does the light switch on in rainy days?

Depends on product’s specifications, some lights we designed with 1-7 days rainy days, some lights designed with 6~12 hours without cloudy days.


What should be noticed for solar lights operation?

Please make sure the solar panel not covered by shadow at daytime, and not covered by other light source at night.


Can I get some samples to test the quality?

Yes, sample is available before order. Samples will be charged and refundable at the MOQ order.





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Boy Eaton English River settlement Edan Gaelic Little hearth Eli Hebrew Escend;my God Eliot Hebrew My God is Lord lady Ella Greek bright gentle Ellery Latin pleased Emma German All containing

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