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P062 Mesh Belt Hardware pieces

P062 Mesh Belt Hardware pieces

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This Mesh belt Quenching and Tempering furnace applies to bearings, standard parts,

automobile, motorcycle, machine tool chain, weapons, cutting, light textile, daily

hardware and other industries for quenching and isothermal tempering,

soft nitriding heat treatment for small medium and larger mechanical parts .

This furnace can excuse Traditional post heat treatment post processing such as

cleaning and tempering heat treatment processing to reduce the technological process,

after isothermal quenching, the product quality is stable, without oxidization,then

eliminate the lack of soft clip and hardness ,thus is totally a generation switch of

traditional mesh belt furnace .It successfully solves  difficult problems that muff mesh

belt furnace cannot solve , such as the short service life of muffle tank and other two big

heat resistant steel pieces , difficulty in repair and sickness of quenching brightness and



1. its Conveyer belt mesh is made of heat resistant alloy wire.with the use of transmission , it moves step by step throught  the furnace hearth,    and  the mesh belt can keep  relaxed in high temperature, thus prolonging the life time of the mesh itself .

2. Muffle Retort is made of refractory steel  ,and  with dissociated ammonia atmosphere it can work in  a protection atmosphere   to  finish hardening -carburizing.

3. Mesh belt speed can be changed by  using transducer or comtrolling electromagnetic infinitely .

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