Natural Marble for Building Materials in Different Size

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 1. Specification

2Size300x300x10mm  457x457x20mm  600x600x20mm  2800x1600x25mm, or as customer require
3thickness25px, 50px, 75px, 100px or other thickness your requirement
4Colorgrey, red, white, yellow, black, coffee, beige, green, ect
5Finishedhoned, polished, sandblasted bush hammered, rough picked, Mushroom, Axe-cut, etc. 
6Application:Skirting,Tread & Riser stairs, Column,Curbstone, Paving,Flooring,etc
Window sill, Kitchen wall and top, counter top, Vanity top, Work top,etc
Statue, Tomb and Monument,etc

7Payment termsT/T 30% deposit and 70% balance pay against B/L copy  or negotiation
8PackagingThick tiles are packed directly with film in wooden crates, with safe support to protect the surface& edges, then in strong wooden crates.
9QualityAll stone edges without breaking angle, no crack.
10Min. OrderOne 20GP container,Small order is acceptable, we can ship it by LCL shipping to your destination
11Delivery timeAccording to your purchase quantity
12Place of originalFujian,china

 2. Advantages

More than 10 years stone experience and flexible payment term.


3. Pictures

Natural Marble  for Building in Different Size

Natural Marble  for Building in Different Size

4. FAQ

How about production time?

45~50 days.


How about MOQ? per pattern.

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Q:Imitation marble floor tile is how to do?
Sintered artificial marbleThe artificial marble is mixed feldspar, quartz, diopside, calcite powder and hematite and small amount of kaolin, billet with mud method by semi dry pressing method, made by high sintering temperature of about 1000 DEG C in the furnace.
Q:Must be used to clean the floor on the floor
1, to keep the floor dry, clean, do not allow to mop the floor with a mop of water, or wipe the floor with alkaline water, soap, so as not to damage the gloss of the paint surface. 2, keep the room ventilation, is strictly prohibited for a long time to close doors and windows, so as to avoid the floor drum deformation. 3, try to avoid sun exposure, so as not to paint the surface of the long-term ultraviolet radiation aging, cracking. 4, the local board accidentally contaminated should be promptly removed, if there is oil, use cloth dipped in warm water with a small amount of detergent scrub, if the drug or pigment, must be removed in the end into the wood surface before. 5, the best every three months to play a wax (except for the addition of wood floors), before waxing to clean the surface of the floor stains. Wax regularly, can maintain the smoothness of the floor, extend the service life of the floor. 6, avoid sharp objects scratch the ground, try to avoid dragging heavy furniture. 7, it is recommended to place the pedal at the door mat, in order to prevent dust, damage the floor.
Q:What materials should be made of artificial marble
Artificial marble is composed of modified resin and crushed stone. Artificial stone structure is dense, so the pores are small, the probability of the occurrence of the disease is very small, on the protection, mainly anti pollution. The utility model has the advantages that the color can be adjusted, and the decorative surface is favorable. The disadvantage is that the hardness is not enough, the photometric inconsistency. According to the production of raw materials and production processes, generally can be divided into four categories:Cement type artificial marble is an artificial marble with various cement as binder, sand, crushed marble, granite, industrial waste slag as coarse aggregate, mixing, stirring, molding, pressure steam curing, polishing, and is commonly known as the terrazzo.Polyester artificial marble is an artificial marble using unsaturated polyester resin as binder, molding and quartz sand, marble, calcite powder mixing, produce curing role in curing agent under the action of the demoulding, drying, polishing and other processes and made. China uses this method to produce artificial marble.
Q:How to splice artificial marble table
The use of special glue, with fixture fixed, completely cured after polishing, polishing.
Q:Marble and granite used in indoor and outdoor should do what different treatment?
1, by the protective treatment, protective agents into the interior of the stone forming deep protective layer, make the stone from pollution, prevent rust etc.. The surface of the stone will be able to achieve the role of anti fouling, waterproof, even if contaminated, the dirt is floating on the surface, easy to clean.2, stone surface does not occur any color change, will not fall off phenomenon.3, shrinkage rate decreased significantly, can prevent stone at low temperature (-10 C - -45 C) rupture.4, to prevent the natural weathering of stone, water erosion and other phenomena, reducing the impact of climate on the stone, and compared to the general stone, the protection of the stone after the service life is extended.5, the protective agent will not cause damage to the stone surface, but also to make the stone has a good permeability, not weathering, oxidation, and increase gloss.6, the use of special protective agent, but also to enhance or enhance the effect of stone color.
Q:How to distinguish artificial marble from natural marble
And the nature of the kitchen is currently rarely used on the table or the place where there is oil (because of the uneven density of natural materials and loose, once encountered pollution is difficult to clean!) Obvious interface!
Q:How to distinguish terrazzo and marble
Terrazzo surface is rough, marble surface is very smooth. I don't know which radioactivity is big.
Q:How to choose high quality artificial marble
Artificial marble, artificial marble is usually characterized by natural marble or granite stone is filled with cement, gypsum and unsaturated polyester resin as adhesive by mixing, molding, grinding and polishing is made, so there are many artificial marble of natural marble, such as artificial marble as can be manually adjusted, so the color range good flexibility, cohesion, treatment is not obvious, the overall feeling is very strong and bright and colorful, with ceramic luster appearance, high hardness, not easy to damage, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, and very easy to clean. But there is also a big drawback, the human body has a more significant injury. At present, there are four kinds of commonly used artificial marble in the market: mud artificial marble, polyester artificial marble. Poor artificial marble great harm to the human body
Q:What is the price of natural marble for the calculation of the unit?
According to the block tons or calculated according to cube.Plate is calculated in square.
Q:Artificial stone table thickness who knows?
The thickness of the artificial stone plate is generally 12MM thick, the table edge thickening more than 4 to 5 cm. Do the artificial stone artificial stone processing factory [for] more money and more cost-effective and more assured, more cabinets store.

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