Manhole Cover Ductile Cast Iron on Sale Heavy Medium Telecom Sew

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Product Description:

1,Cast Iron Manhole Cover Description :

manhole cover is a removable plate forming the lid over the opening of a manhole, to prevent anyone or anything from falling in, and to keep out unauthorized persons and material.

Manhole covers are often made out of cast iron, concrete or a combination of the two. This makes them inexpensive, strong, and heavy, usually weighing more than 50 kilograms (110 lb). The weight helps to keep them in place when traffic passes over them, and makes it difficult for unauthorised people not having suitable tools to remove them.

A manhole cover sits on metal base, with a smaller inset rim which fits the cover. The base and cover are sometimes called "castings", because they are usually made by a casting process, typically sand-casting techniques.


2,Main Features of the Ductile Iron Manhole Cover:

·High endurance

·High Strength

·Pressure Resistence



·Good visual effect


3,Manhole Cover Images:

Manhole Cover Ductile Cast Iron on Sale Heavy Medium  Telecom Sew

Manhole Cover Ductile Cast Iron on Sale Heavy Medium  Telecom Sew

Manhole Cover Ductile Cast Iron on Sale Heavy Medium  Telecom Sew


4,Manhole Cover Specifications:

1) Production information
Manhole cover are manufactured for construction and public use. Manhole cover shall be smooth and free sand holes, blow holes, distortion or any other defects 

2) Material
A) Ductile iron GGG50

B) Grey iron GG20
3) Designs
A) EN124 Class B125 C250 D400 F 900, with different size and grammage, or as  customers' requirement.
B) as per customers' drawing or samples
4) Process
A) Molding boards

B) Hand Casting 

5) Coating
A) black bitumen or epoxy .
B)Coating as per customer's requirement

6) Different accessories are available 

7) Packing:
Wooden case or wood pallet, or as per customers' requirement 

8)  Payment terms: T/T or L/C 


A)Inspection by our factory

B)The third party inspection,SGS


We have organized several common questions for our clientsmay help you sincerely

Q. Can I fit a square manhole cover into a round chamber?

A. Yes, there are a select few manhole covers which are square-to-round, meaning they will fit square or round chambers. 


Q. I have a heavy traffic manhole cover but it has been broken by a forklift, why?

A. Forklifts have solid wheels which apply pressure differently to standard pneumatics and therefore covers must be specially adapted to suit this.


Q. I’ve measured my clear opening size but none of your covers match it, can you offer anything?

A. It’s likely that your cover is quite old and in imperial measurements which are no longer manufactured. However, we can offer bespoke solutions with manhole covers made to the specification you require.


Q. The project I’m working on requires a manhole cover with a quality finish, what’s available?

A. Naturally, galvanised steel of black polypropylene aren’t always ideal, and so we offer brass or stainless steel edging, as well as complete stainless steel covers.


Q. Odours are coming through where I have installed my manhole cover, why?

A. Your cover must be sealed and locked, or neoprene sealed, so you would require a T-Range Cover, or if you require a solid top, a selection of the PC range (e.g. PC2BG3, PC6CG3, not PC2BG) are suitable.


Q. I need access through my manhole cover on a regular basis, is this possible?

A. Yes, the majority of covers have built-in lifting keys, and for those that don’t we also supply lifting keys. However, the best way to obtain easy access is to have a bespoke, hinged manhole cover. 



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