LED Solar portable traffic light,movable Road safety LED traffic signal light

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Intelligent led traffic control stick

(1). Waterproof;

(2). Easily installed and maintained;

(3). OEM/ODM.

LED Solar  portable traffic light,movable Road safety LED traffic signal light

Technical requirements :

1. Adopts two rounds of connecting rod hard drawing pull-type, the top speed of shipping should not less than 30 km/h (city general road), tandem technology requirements in conformity with the relevant provisions of the state and need to provide Inspection data.
2. Standard fasteners, hardware parts adopt stainless steel or aluminum processing; each light has independent module structure and can be combined into many lamp structures. Circuit and key parts are waterproof design and the silicone seal protection.

LED Solar  portable traffic light,movable Road safety LED traffic signal light


Q: What products does PULE provide?
A:LED traffic lights, pedestrian lights, countdown timer, traffic controller, portable traffic signals, solar traffic lights, traffic signs, radar speed signs, solar road signs...

Q: What is your lead time?
A: Normally a week. But depends on the quantity and products.

Q: What is your warranty time?
A: Two years.

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Q:Is it a red light that goes against the traffic lights?
Violation of traffic lights is not necessarily a red light running, red light running is a violation of traffic lights.
Q:Traffic lights, red light, right turn
At the intersection of the designated lane, enter the guiding Lane in the desired direction of travel;
Q:How do you penalize driving without traffic lights?
Three, 4305 on the highway speeding less than 50% fine, 200 yuan remember 6 points;
Q:Find a traffic signal lamp and the signal lamp effect diagram
The traffic lights are made up of red lights, green lights and yellow lights
Q:Who invented the traffic lights?
Among them, a red woman that I have to get married, a green woman is unmarried.
Q:Which is the traffic warning light?
in the United States, Mexico, Brazil, France, Holland, New Zealand, Australia, the Middle East, South Africa and other parts of the world can consult the specific 13924669600
Q:What is the penalty for parking at the intersection of signal lights?
The 3 photos will clearly record the position of the vehicle during the red light movement, the key point is to record the obvious position to move.
Q:Violation of traffic signal regulations
According to the provisions of the "motor vehicle driver's license and use" (Ministry of Public Order No. 123rd) states: driving a motor vehicle in violation of road traffic lights traffic, a record 6 points, therefore
Q:The traffic lights in the intersection are from left to right:
Horizontal traffic lights, no matter the left or right of the road: the closest to the middle of the road is the red light
Q:What does the traffic signal include?
traffic lights are divided into: signal lamp, signal lamp, non motor vehicle pedestrian crossing signal lamp, direction indicator lamp (arrow lights), Lane lights, flashing warning lights, level crossing signal lamp.

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